″ Bodeng has been playing with women’s lives for a long time

″ Bodeng has been playing with women’s lives for a long time


The model commented on the death of Jerome Bodeng’s ex-girlfriend.

About two weeks ago, Jerome Bodeng’s ex – girlfriend Casia Lenhard, Bayern’s bodyguard, was found dead by police in Berlin a week after the couple split up.

Melissa Howe, now a former playboy model, gave an interview to the British newspaper The Sun in which she revealed the details of her story with Boden.

“I’m not surprised that men like Boden dealing with women and confusing their minds and emotions can lead to insanity like this. I’m very shocked about a death occurring, but I think Jerome has been around for a long time playing with a woman’s life and something happens, be it this or that? Something “he began to say.

Melissa Howe said she met the Bayern player at a bar in London in 2016 and that Bodeng started sending him messages. The bodyguard went to Germany and returned to England a few days later, where he invited me to a party: “I remember there were paparazzi, he told me to take separate taxis, but we were constantly engaged in exchanging messages, but we flirted, and I firmly believed that she was the only woman in his life.” “, He continued.

Melissa Howe said she saw Bodeng in a newspaper one day with another woman who claimed to be “his wife”.

“What did I think? I did not know you were married !. I found out that it was not your wife, but rather a bride. But you still send me messages, behaving like a bachelor, in fact a partner and children when I was”, he finished.

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