1.41 m wide – viewer

1.41 m wide - viewer

This is the year we can discover and buy the new surface of the electric Mercedes. Is called EQS, which is a class S in terms of dimensions, but with higher aerodynamic lines, because electric vehicles are more sensitive to this argument. The EUCC, which was the brand’s first electrician, is approaching a specific platform for EQS battery vehicles, as opposed to what happened with the SUV, to see if it’s suitable for improving its energy efficiency.

While the shapes of the EQS were not revealed, Mercedes lifted a veil and showed the entire front of the model’s dashboard, which appears to be a large curved digital screen 1.41 meters wide. The traditional instrument panel appears to be integrated into the same configuration, with a central screen and a second Display Small, placed in front of passengers.

Named the MBUX Hyperscreen, this vehicle expands the entire width of the vehicle, pleasing to the eye and giving the model a more sophisticated and technical look. The Germans also complain that behind the hyperscreen is an 8-core processor with a large computer capacity of 24 gigabytes of RAM and 46.4 gigabytes / second. With such capability, one can expect the presence of devices powered by artificial intelligence.

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