100m more Pfizer sizes; Trump tore the trigger

100m more Pfizer sizes;  Trump tore the trigger
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The USA Today has been monitoring news surrounding the Govt-19 as a couple of vaccines join the U.S. fight against a virus that has killed more than 320,000 Americans since it was first reported dead in February. Stay tuned to this page for the latest updates on vaccine distribution, including who gets the footage and where, as well as other Govt-19 news across the USA Today network. Sign up for us Corona Virus Watch Newsletter For updates directly in your inbox, Join our Facebook group Or roll Our in-depth answers to reader questions For all you need to know about corona virus.

In the headlines:

F Pfizer and Bioendech announced a second deal with the US government, with an additional 100 million doses of vaccine provided. The deal brings the total amount owed to the United States by July 31 to $ 200 million. Here Recent experts have to say about the distribution of the vaccine.

Res President Donald Trump condemns a large COVID-19 relief package expected to be signed and asks Congress Increase the “ridiculously low” from $ 600 to $ 2,000. It was not immediately clear whether he would veto the two-party deal.

California is on the brink of more than 2 million confirmed cases of corona virus. With 1.95 million infections, half a million have been registered in two weeks, and 100,000 will be hospitalized in January, officials said. As of Tuesday, the state had 1.4% ICU capacity and 22,900 deaths.

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“Arkansas will build two facilities that will provide more than 100 additional hospital beds, which the state will lose in the future if it loses capacity,” state Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced Tuesday. “We must be ready for anything in January,” the governor said of a spike following the Christmas holidays.

As part of a partnership between CDC and CVS Health, long-term care facilities are preparing to distribute the first dose of a Govt-19 vaccine to its residents early next week. Hawaii Public Radio reported. CVS Health Long-term care facilities began to vaccinate staff and residents Monday in 12 states. The pharmacy plans to expand its program to 36 more states, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

📈 Today’s numbers: There are more than 18.2 million confirmed corona virus cases and 322,500 deaths in the United States, According to Johns Hopkins University data. Eight days ago the country reached 300,000 COVID deaths. Worldwide total: more than 77.9 million cases and 1.71 million deaths.

Here’s a closer look at today’s best stories:

Managers of New Jersey’s barracks not only banned staff from wearing safety masks in the first weeks of the outbreak, but also imposed a series of fines against nurses who wore home masks without permission, with the help of the state’s Bill Murphy’s Office.

More than 190 residents have died in state veterans’ homes from Govt-19 disease. Emails received by The Record and NorthJersey.com, Part of the USA Today network, show that at least one worker had to return home because management would not let him wear a mask – despite a doctor’s note claiming he had asthma.

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“If they had at least done that, they could have saved lives,” said Tony Agosto, CEO of Virgin Medical Services. “They could have stopped this a lot.”

Scott Fallon, NorthJersey.com

Congress has passed the COVID-19 relief bill, which could issue second-round trigger checks to millions of Americans soon next week. But The real rich will not get rich from these checks. Individuals earning up to $ 75,000, and couples earning less than $ 150,000 will receive the full amount – currently $ 600 but President Donald Trump is giving more. The plan calls for a check deduction of $ 5 for every $ 100 income above those income limits. This would be a total exit of 000 87,000 for individuals and 4 174,000 for couples.

Many students do not qualify and immigrants who do not have a Social Security number do not. Some elderly and disabled people do not even get a check.

Jessica Menton

Most stores will be open this holiday season compared to Christmas Eve 2019, with most retailers closing by 6pm with a few exceptions. Best Buy stores will close at 7pm and Target stores will close at 8pm, two hours earlier than last year.

But in the midst of a corona virus infection, the longest lines may be out of stores. One-day delivery is expected to be the most popular option in 2020 with shipping delays between winter weather and vaccine shipments.

To help you plan your last minute shopping, Christmas Eve Shop Time for Department Stores, Discount Retailers and Grocers Here.

– Kelly Diego

For months, hundreds of scientists and researchers living in Antarctica have been living on the only continent in the world without reports of COVID-19. But now the virus has gotten there too.

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The Chilean military announced Monday that three dozen people had tested positive for the site. On Tuesday, a regional health minister in Chile told people there were 21 infections on the Chilean navy’s Cercando Aldia supply ship. The Chilean Antarctic Agency told the Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs on Friday that passengers on board the ship from the Antarctic Peninsula to Chile had tested positive for COVID-19, according to a report sent to the United States by email today.

Regional Health Secretary Eduardo Castillo said another ship had arrived in the Antarctic village. No other country in Antarctica has yet publicly declared cases.

– Joel Shannon

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