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spoiler For the final 4 rounds Big brother 22 All-star with the season’s largest veto competition. Here the winner can decide who will participate in the finale. Read about spoilers and see who has the power to change HOH candidates.

There is a lot of pressure for Cody on this because if Christmas wins he will go out the door by all expectations. On the other hand, if someone else wins, it’s more likely to be Christmas. So who got the veto…

Big Brother 22 spoiler: Week 11 veto contest results:

  • Cody Veto

It’s shocking. So Cody bet another win and secured his place in F3. He got it. And he would have made $500K on that comp win. Can any of these subordinate allies Enzo or Nicole turn him into an F2? It should be, but you wouldn’t be surprised otherwise. So at this point the season seems to be his victory. What do you think?

The veto meeting will be vetoed by Cody on Monday. Of course he’s the only one left and not already on the block so we’ll be heading for Christmas and Nicole on the Block on Thursday. One vote that night is Cody’s. You’re not cutting Nicole right now? no. That said, F3 will be Cody, Enzo and Nicole.

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