Saturn Black Friday 2020 finally made history. Nevertheless it continues – with Cyber ​​Monday & Cyber ​​Week 2020! We have selected 20 best deals on Saturday for you.

Saturday Black Friday is the best bargain for 2020

No cSaturn offers yberweek Better now? The Giga Editorial team checks for you several times a day Best deals And filters the best. Tip: From a purchase value of 100 euros, you can use the newsletter voucher Save an additional 10 euros. According to comparative prices idealo, All statements without warranty.

Highlights: Cyber ​​Monday Top 20 Saturday Bargain

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note20: High-end smartphone with 256GB, 4G, stylus 599.18 Euro Instead of 655.95 euros
  2. Samsung Galaxy A51: Popular Intermediate Cell Phone 218.97 Euro Instead of 262.95 euros
  3. Samsung Galaxy A41: Middle Class Cellphone, Stiffening Warranty “Good” (2.5) 185.35 Euro Instead of 208.61 euros
  4. Nintendo Switch Light (Pink or Turquoise) + Animal Trafficking + Switch Online 3 Months To 199.83 Euro Instead of about 240 euros
  5. PlayStation 4 Pro To 329.52 Euro Instead of 349 euros
  6. Xbox One S. To 171,19 Euro Instead of 227.84 euros – not only for games, but also for streaming and 4K blue-rays!
  7. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE + Nintendo Switch Lite in the deal: Mobile Phone + Console + Customs Included. 20 GB LTE (maximum 225 MBit / s) im o2Network, Telephone /SMS-flat To 24.99 euro / month + once 68.99 euro (Additional charge for device + connection fee)
  8. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE + PlayStation 4 Pro under contract: Mobile Phone + Console + Customs Included. 20 GB LTE (maximum 225 MBit / s) im o2Network, Telephone /SMS-flat To 29.99 euros / month + once 118.99 euros (Additional charge for device + connection fee)
  9. Samsung Galaxy S10 Enterprise Edition under contract: Mobile phone + charge included. 6 GB LTE (maximum 50 MBit / s) im o2Network, Phone / SMS Flat Rate 14.99 euros per month + 43.92 euros once (Shipping, surcharge, connection price)
  10. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G: Mobile phone + charge included. 10 GB LTE (maximum 50 MBit / s) im TelecomNetwork and flat-rate telephone 29.99 euros per month + 87.76 euros once – Total costs after 24 months of personal purchase of the cell phone!
  11. LG 65NANO959NA: LG Nanocell 8 k-LCD TV, HDMI 2.1 / 120 Hz for a better picture, PS5 and XSX, 1.798.51 Euro (Free shipping) 1,948 euros in lieu
  12. Samsung GQ65Q77T: 4K QLED TV with 65 inches, compatible with HDMI 2.1 / 120 Hz, PS5 and Series X, 1.091.61 Euro (Market pick-up or +29.90 euro shipping) Instead of 1,299.39 euros
  13. Samsung HW-T4302.1 Soundbar with: Ext. Speaker for 141.67 Euro Instead of 189 euros
  14. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K: Streaming stick with new Alexa remote control. 2 month HD TV via Jatoo Ultimate 29,23 Euro Instead of 58.48 euros
  15. WD MyBook 12 TB: External hard drive 174.49 Euro 220.38 instead of euros
  16. Important P1SSD1 tuberculosis: Internal M.2 NVMe SSD 77.01 Euro Instead of 97.96 euros
  17. Doom: Eternity (PS4 / Xbox One / PC): Shooter 11.99 Euro
  18. HP Envy15: Office / Gaming Notebook, 15.6 Inch FHD, i5-10300H, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, GTX 1650D, Model 15-ep0355ng 1.083 Euro Instead of 1,266.25 euros
  19. Samsung DV9FTA040DW: Heat pump dryer (9 kg, A ++) 437.69 Euro Instead of 574.05 euros (+29.90 euros for pick-up or mail and old devices from the market)
  20. Fritzbox 7590: (V) DSL modem with wireless router 181.48 Euro
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Of course, that is not all concessions. You can browse directly Cyber ​​Week– and Samsung Advertising Page Check out or our best list Cyberweek offers at Mediamark Ann – it’s more detailed. In addition, practically all products are available at the same price from Mediamark and Saturn.

Cyberweek Bee Sat.

Additional offers for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in Giga

How do I prepare for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday on Saturday?

With a few products, nothing stands in the way of a bargain. It is a good idea to take the following steps in advance.

  • Subscribe to the newsletter: Now a classic of bargaining tricks: who Saturn subscribed to the newsletter, Receives a coupon for a Saturn store worth 10 euros that can be redeemed from a shopping cart for 100 euros. The voucher is not tied to one account, so you can order it with other email addresses and retrieve the coupon code received on your “main account”. More about this in our explanatory article titled Saturday-Newsletter. It makes sense to subscribe before the newsletter to keep the coupon code on hand in the event of a good deal.
  • Compare Prices: If you have your eye on a particular product, you should visit price comparison websites To get a glimpse of price growth: What are the normal prices in the last few weeks? Where are the best prices in history? Price research is also useful during Black Friday because retailers often cut each other off at short notice.
  • Order online: If in doubt, get the best prices online. If you want to have your device instantly and want to save on shipping costs, you can order an online store pick-up from In our view, what you should not do is get on the field on Black Friday – not just because of the stress that comes with it. In order to adhere to the social distance, we recommend this year to shop comfortably from home.
  • Get up early: Many good products are sold quickly, especially since retailers only store a certain amount of products. Those waiting for the best price at the start of the campaign – i.e. Black Friday midnight – are often the best prospects.
  • Saturn Card Registration: Occasionally there are discounts for owners only Saturn card. This is not a physical card, you join some kind of club. Membership is free and offers some other benefits such as additional options for 0% financing. We do not know whether Saturn card is required to avail Black Weekend offers – Registration does not hurt.
  • Stop by Giga: We will be coming to Black Friday and Discount War in detail in all stores, before and after, and bargain best for all major product categories. Be sure to check out our overview page Black Friday 2020 The past. Even better: Bookmark the permalink.
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