2020 AEW Full Gear Predictions, Card, Matches, Starting Time, BPV Price, Date, Preview, Location

2020 AEW Full Gear Predictions, Card, Matches, Starting Time, BPV Price, Date, Preview, Location

AEW is offering its latest pay-as-you-go view in 2020, once again giving AEW full gear, and this year’s show drops to All Elite Wrestling on Saturday, November 7th. The AEW full gear card for the All Elite Wrestling brand is loaded with top matches from top to bottom, ready to center on some high stakes as there is an abundance of title matches.

The event will also be streamed on traditional BPV ($ 59.99) PR / Live (This place will be attended by a limited number of fans.

Read below to see the complete card for AEW full gear with predictions for each match on the slate.

AEW full gear card, predictions

AEW World Championship – John Moxley (e) vs. Eddie Kingston (I’m leaving the match): Kingston is a dream come true for many wrestling fans at a major BPV main event, and in a match this pair is going to force you out of the other, which is going to create some miraculous brutality. It’s hard to imagine putting the world title in Kingston, and losing a match by saying “I’m out” is a little easier for someone on the heels side of things. Selection: John Moxley retained the title

AEW Tag Team Championship – FDR (C) vs. The Young Bucks: An important part of this story is that if Bucks loses then it prevents him from challenging the tag titles again. Since Cody lost his world title race under the same condition, AEW has already gone that route, so it’s hard to imagine doing the same ad with Bucks. Expect a great match and a Young Bucks win. Selection: Young Bucks won titles

AEW TNT Championship – Cody (c) vs. Darby Allin: This is also one of the toughest competitions to call the card. Allin vs. Cody has been a firm rival for the past year, but Allin has to win to maintain its position as a duo. But, Cody has already lost the title once and quickly regained it. Does it make sense for him to drop the belt again? I think it’s time to watch AEW put a belt around a rising star that has “gone big” under their watch, and finally won the star established in this process. Selection: Darby won Allin’s title

AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Final – Kenny Omega vs. “Hangman” Adam Page: The winner of the final match of this competition gets the future world title. Either man will be a definite challenge for Moxley, but Page feels he needs another year to run a title, while Omega is a good choice for a big project with the champion. Choice: Kenny wins Omega

AEW Women’s Championship – Hikaru Shita (e) vs. Nyla Rose: AEW’s struggles with the women’s division show a return to the old forms, but Shida’s flow must come to an end when the roster allows a new monster heel chase. Selection: Nyla Rose won the title

Chris Jericho vs MJF: MJF will be allowed to join the Inner Circle with victory and, like the other terms on this card, will set the expected direction for the match. The story of MJF gaining access to Jericho’s team by beating him, sets the stage for such good contacts to move forward, which is hard to imagine as not the direction AEW is heading. Choice: MJF wins

Matt Hardy vs. Sami Guevara (Elite Elimination Contest): The all-out rivalry between the two is one of AEW’s short-term low points. We hope things work out better for both of them in this match, but it makes more sense for Hardy to win a clean wrap for their storyline. Choice: Matt Hardy wins

Orange Casey vs. John Silver: Silver is a great hand, it’s nice to see him getting special places on TV, but Cassidy is the star here, it’s his match. Choice: Orange Cassidy wins

NWA Women’s World Championship – Serena Deep (e) vs. Allison K (pre-show): The scene of the NWA Women’s World Championship continues on AEW TV. AEW contract-talented Deep, who recently won the title from Thunder Rosa and has already created a successful defense in an episode of Dynamite. Talented Gayle she will face a strong opponent here, but there is no reason to throw Deep yet. Selection: Serena retains the Deep title

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