2020 Masters: While Tiger Woods defends his green jacket, why could his happy fifth hit be his swan song?

2020 Masters: While Tiger Woods defends his green jacket, why could his happy fifth hit be his swan song?

The only thing that is more surprising than the fact that Tiger Woods won the 2019 Masters is that the 15-time big winner, who had a huge success 18 months ago, is unlikely to argue again that he is not even one of the top 14 favorites in the field. The fact that two golfers (Colin Morikova and Matthew Wolf) who were still amateurs when Woods won the Augusta National last April now have better odds than him to win the 2020 tournament is a bad attempt.

This was life on a roller coaster later in Woods’ career.

Highest: Masters won, lighting the Soso Championship, leading to the Captain and President’s Cup victory. Being in the middle of the road the downs are not equally low, which is no place for the 82-time winner on the PGA tour.

Still, we stand with Woods.

The summary is bizarre. Tiger Woods will not win the 2020 Masters title, however, he will be one of the few focal points since he is Tiger Woods, and he has developed one of the best sports careers based on reports like “Tiger Woods Will”. 2020 Masters did not win. “

The data is undeniable. Woods plays like the 50th or 60th best player in the world, which is still a good thing, but you are not a master favorite or anywhere close. Since the PGA Tour resumed in June, his best finish at the PGA Championship has been a D37. His game leaked dam. He only inserted a hole to see the two explode.

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Yet we have seen Woods compete in the Augusta National (even this time!) Less than the game he brings to the Masters this time around. Remember 2015? He was not a factor when Jordan Speed ​​traveled, but Woods finished T17 several months later to fix his chipping yip following some badly blasted wedges earlier that year. His game is better than it is now.

What makes Woods dangerous in the Augusta National is that he is smarter and smarter than everyone else in the industry. Be smart enough to know where each miss is in the course and be patient and disciplined, smart enough to know when to put the bike down. That one two combination alone is worth a stroke a day. But many strokes have to be done.

In six rounds so far this year, Woods has received the most negative strokes of every statistic.

There is no conspiracy theory to explain his play. The back, legs and neck seem to be adequate and he is mentally good. The most intimate thing that deserves a big title when it comes to Woods over the last few months is that he changed his putter grip at one point. Great news. The simple explanation for his neutral performance is that this is who the Tigers are now.

The confusing part about Woods’ mediocrity in 2020 is that he really is No. Injured. When he is healthy in his career, the tiger has always been elite and this is one of the best. Even in the midst of all the injuries – when he was healthy, he was great. That will not be true in the second half of 2020. Although he bowed his head for a few months at the beginning of the year, his battered body has been steady ever since, but his game is not there.

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We always thought that this was some negative act that would break the tiger forever. At a US Open he would shoot 90, which was a wrap. This would be the point of contention between being a legend now and being together before. We believe it takes us to that point, not the injury.

Instead of looking for the negative moment that marks the end, what if we do not notice the happiest moment of his life as the real end?

If his 2019 Masters win was a real swan song – at least in the big championship matches – it would be the biggest ever. This would be a bit of a stretch because success always gets Woods more successful, but it fits too.

Isn’t it believable that once climbing a mountain would allow him to put everything he had to rest? Masters has not been the same in the Tiger Majors since winning the first 20s with three missed cuts and five appearances.

A legendary masters of the past year. Movies (plural) will be made about it. Sunday is like a dream. Although Woods went in the wrong direction later in his career, here’s one thing he went through: his 15th big and fifth green jacket came into a pre-epidemic world, and it can rightly be celebrated. Can you imagine winning the Old Broadlands Nursery in 2020 without any hosts to bathe? It could have been even better, but it doesn’t make as much sense.

No one knows how the Tigers are going to play next week, month or year. Not even the tiger. Whether he wins 10 more majors or never makes another cut, there is one.

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The 2020 Masters – bizarre and unusual – is a reminder that a season ago, the best player of all time in Augusta was placed inside what was considered to be the shell of his former self that touched an unimaginable week. National.

Destroying Augusta is one thing for the mighty 21-year-old, but it is most relevant when the 43-year-old scoops up his children and screams complete and utter despair in the same sky and the same sun. Glad he (we) enjoyed it. This year, without the visiting hosts and less fuss over the property, someone other than Woods will be screaming in the sky, but it won’t feel like it did 19 months ago.

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