2020 NFL Trading Deadline Ratings: Rating payments for all deals including Kwon Alexander and Desmond King

2020 NFL Trading Deadline Ratings: Rating payments for all deals including Kwon Alexander and Desmond King

The 2020 NFL trading deadline (Tuesday 4pm EST, just a few hours away) is not what fans have seen. Teams can explore the league’s COVID protocol and take players in and out of buildings. There is a rather clear line separating the best and worst teams in the league, which should make your position as a buyer or seller simpler. The league has already seen some deals cross the trading wire, but more deals are expected before the November 3rd trading close.

CBS Sports aggregates these moves below and provides a grade for each.

charger Trade DB Desmond King Tennessee for six round pick

Titan: ㅏ
Charger: D

this is Win-win situation in Tennessee, The Titans had to break up with a Day 3 draft pick in exchange for an unfavorable former all-pro defensive back in Los Angeles. The Titans, who already have one of the worst pass defenses in the league, get a big sign with the King when coach Mike Bravel usually plays a nickel defense. King slides into the assistant starting Adoree’ Jackson Malcolm Butler In the corner bag Kevin B Yard and Kenny Baccaro In safety-the fifth defensive bag gives you a big boost.

King postpones the last year of his contract but is auditioning for a long-term contract in Tennessee. If the Titans’ pass defense improves in the second half and the team plays another deep playoff, King will fold again over the next few years. Vrabel will bring King back to All-Pro form two seasons ago.

The Chargers picked a six-round pick to move on from King, the first All-Pro team in 2018. That’s too low for the King’s Caliber player. King hasn’t been crushed in Los Angeles after a significant drop in playing time over the past two seasons. Despite the fact that before, defensive coordinator Gus Bradley succeeded in being one of the best slot defensive bags in the game. The Chargers essentially moved away from King with Chris Harris Jr.’s free agency contract this offseason, significantly reducing King’s playtime and frustrating at the 2017 fifth-round pick.

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Chargers couldn’t wait to move away from King as they start bullying trading players under an expiring contract. King never returned to Los Angeles, but the Chargers were able to get a four-round pick as a player with his talent. They just gave King.

-Jeff Kerr from CBS Sports

49ers LB transaction Kwon Alexander To New Orleans for LB Kiko Alonso, Conditional 5 round pick

Saint: B-
49ers: A-

New Orleans is in Win-Now mode and is not overly concerned about its long-term ramifications. If that’s a strategy, then commit to it and deal with complications later. These problems are definitely coming, but the saints know they are in the Super Bowl window and do not want to waste. Drew brees‘The last one. San Francisco has agreed that this year is not just their year. In the process, Kyle Shanahan’s team has dealt with a large number of injuries and will damage major players throughout the season. By transferring Alexander’s contract, we help San Francisco create long-term flexibility to retain its key players. Off season they Arrick Armstead and DeForest Buckner If Alexander’s contract had deviated from the book, it could have been potentially avoided.

-Josh Edwards of CBS Sports

Steelers LB acquisition Avery Williamson on Exchange for a 5 round pick

Steelers: B+
jet: B +

It is a relatively uniform transaction for both parties. The Steelers get a minimum of veteran backups with extensive iterations in the league. Williamson will not make major errors in shock situations. Pittsburgh defense was terrible between linebacker injuries. Ryan Shazier and Devin Bush. The organization has made it clear that it doesn’t want to experience life without a competent linebacker during potential title run.

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Jets are clearing pay caps and securing assets. General manager Joe Douglas is facing a long-standing rebuild and must consider the franchise’s long-term fortune. If there are players who have been excluded from the long-term vision, such as age, attitude, play, etc., now is the time to move them in the hope that they will be able to acquire assets in return.

-Josh Edwards of CBS Sports

Sea Hawks acquire Bengals DE Carlos Dunlap in return for 7-round pick and C BJ Finney

Seahawks: ratio-
Bengal: ratio-

The Seahawks desperately needed a pass rusher. Dunlap only offers pass rushers for a short period of time. Long-term Bengals are already 31 years old and have to pay more than $11 million in 2021. Not a perfect addition. After all, there is a reason why the presence of the 2 pro ball edge is just a scrap. But it what kind of thing For Seattle, there’s an uptrend given that Dunlap has a desire to leave Cincy and now needs to be motivated.

From Bengals’ point of view, a fill-in center with 7 round pliers and a decent 2021 cap hit (of course it could be thrown away when Finney is cut). But still nothing It’s struggling on the field at Dunlap, so it’s more solid than a late-coming player for a thrilling player. Good for them, at least through sales.

-CBS Sports Cody Benjamin

The Lions acquired Cowboys DE Everson Griffen in exchange for a sixth round pick.

Lions: ratio
Cowboy: Seed

Are Lions Competitors? Probably not. However, with Matt Patricia’s squad roaming at least in the NFC North, and the defense team in need of edge assistance, Griffen represents an added welcome to the familiar division. Although he hasn’t popped out of Dallas, he still has a great track record and will have the opportunity to play against his old friend in Minnesota.

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Meanwhile, the cowboy deserves some credit for acknowledging the cold, solid truth (it’s bad) and breaking up with an old, poorly performing veterinarian. Still handing Griffen $6 million and less than three months of starting against DeMarcus Lawrence, will he be able to save the future six-round player? That’s a loss in a huge plan.

-CBS Sports Cody Benjamin

The Vikings trade EDGE Yannick Ngakoue with the Ravens in exchange for a 3rd round pick in 2021 and a conditional 5th round pick in 2022.

Crow: A +
Viking: F

Already on the field, they land another talented pass rusher to overcome the hump. Patrick Ma Holmes And Kansas City Chiefs. Ravens was looking for another complementary pass rusher. Calle CampbellHe himself has 4 sacks through 6 games, and Ngakoue will be ill medicine for them in this regard. To land him Viking It can be awe-inspiring considering the lack of three-round (and most certainly not five-round) talent that can be seen in the same lane in exchange for the 2021 3rd round pick and the 2022 conditional 5th round pick. What the team gets at Ngakoue.

That said, based on the current trajectory of both clubs, the Vikings trade Ngakoue and then trade, losing more than 60 slots in the upcoming draft, while the Ravens landed a pass rusher that already had five sacks this season. 37.5 in his first 4 years NFL, And they must fit skillfully into their plans. It’s Ravens Front Office’s A+ Operation, which is known to have pursued Ngakoue as he got rich at AFC earlier this offseason.

[Full grade reasoning can be found HERE.]

-Patrik Walker of CBS Sports

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