2020: The Year of Difficult Facts (by Jameel Chad)

2020: The Year of Difficult Facts (by Jameel Chad)

In Germany, when borders were closed in March and April for the presence of the Govit-19 virus, it was soon discovered that spring would not be the same as the others. The days went by and the flowers could not stop blooming. But in the vegetable fields of Europe’s largest economy, one basic piece is missing: the dark and hard hands of immigrants to harvest food.

In a few days, the unthinkable became a reality: Lufthansa arranged special flights to the coasts of Europe to search for those unwanted people precisely by a section of the Germans. Without the borders closed, there would be no traditional asparagus in the dishes.

2020 will mark our generation. There will be a front and back in the story. But while the future may describe the events of this period, 2020 is undoubtedly the year of difficult realities.

Even in the first weeks of the outbreak, the news that the doctor responsible for first detecting the virus and alerting authorities was dead caused a stir. Not just because of your invention. But due to reports that he was the target of Chinese police repression when he tried to warn the world that a new virus was threatening humanity. The difficult fact of 2020 is that censorship by a dictatorship is real and is being killed.

As the virus spread, governments waged trade wars to protect masks and respirators. Governments such as Angela Merkel have even imposed sanctions to curb exports, while reports suggest that there is already increased activity on the runway to divert cargo.

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It wasn’t much different when it came to vaccination. Rich nations have emptied shelves, leaving billions in size and enough to immunize their populations many times over. Meanwhile, poor countries are creating disgraceful lines in search of guarantees that at least part of these advances in research will reach their people.

The difficult truth of 2020 is that science will not benefit everyone at once. Also, innovations come first to Margaret, not to Marias. They come to Steven or John, not Severinos.

It was a year in which many economists faced a harsh reality, undermining a discourse that blind liberalization, privatization, including basic services, and the sole regulatory role of public administration were signs of progress and modernity. Faced with the collapse and crisis of the world economy, dark streets, refined corridors and headlines were asked: Where is the government?

We also heard appeals to governments from the International Monetary Fund in 2020: Spend what you have to spend to help your people. Who has spent decades teaching governments the beauties of austerity. Being in danger is not the only human life. But the stability of an organization.

Around the United States, in the poorer parts of major British cities or in slums in Brazil, the virus is more likely to be killed. Analysis Kaiser Health NewsFor example, it was revealed that black Americans between the ages of 65 and 74 died five times more often than whites at the same age due to Govt-19.

When schools were closed and students were instructed to use the Internet from home, the revolutionary web tool quickly “discovered” that it was not universal. Two-thirds of the world’s school children – or 1.3 billion children between the ages of 3 and 17 – do not have internet access in their homes, according to a report by UNICEF and the International Telecommunication Union.

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The hard truth is that by 2020, the Internet will not be for everyone. There is no gap between different groups. There is a sea between the connected part of the world and those who dream only in pencil.

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When the WHO recommended that everyone wash their hands in the hope of preventing infection, it was found that 25% of health posts worldwide do not have water. It was discovered that millions of people lived on the edge of the razor and that any shock would push them back into abject poverty. Hunger returned, and the future was still far away.

When governments tried to rescue their people, they found that rights, customs and security nets were only for a privileged minority.

By 2020, more than 2 billion workers will be employed in the informal sector. That is, 62% of all those who work in the world. In low-income countries, the rate reaches 90%.

As bars, hotels and restaurants closed in the wealthy and sophisticated city of Geneva, thousands of unexpected and troubled people from the shadows waited for charities to deliver food bags. It was the immigrants who hid behind the curtains of luxury in the kitchens and laundries, guaranteeing that the system would work.

When communities received news that a German company had discovered a vaccine that was more effective, the difficult truth was that, in fact, this achievement was achieved by Turkish immigrants. Could they have entered Europe today?

Officers are drawn by guides on how to say goodbye to those we love. But there is no guide to the absence of a hand that provides a warmth, shoulder or handkerchief. It is a difficult fact that grief is a part of life.

In 2020, a mirror was placed in front of the world. Moreover, as a reality that cannot be ignored, this world does not have the power to select only significant reflections. The released film is uncompromising. He did not tolerate manipulations. Yes, there was human genius, unity and beauty. But there are also difficult facts that we do not see.

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They were never hidden, forcing the 2020 joint and deliberate blindness to cease.

We can choose to close our eyes again. Of course by 2021 many will choose this path. But, in the shameful silence of some, in the dream of hot nights or in close reflection of our common rules, there is no longer any way to erase the images of a lasting world from fainting.

(Copied from the El Boss newspaper)

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