3 questions to answer in season 7

flash Season 6 offer Cliff ending Full of action, intrigue and suspense. It also left loose ends, unresolved conflicts and unanswered questions. With this in mind, here are three questions. flash I need an answer for season 7. [Spoiler alert: The following article contains details about the season 6 finale of The Flash.]

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Would Barry get the super speed back?

“Barry has to regain speed at some point. I mean, the show flash“Show runner Eric Wallace said. CBR. Fans can rest comfortably. Barry Allen will eventually reclaim the title Fastest Man Alive. So, that’s not a question if He will restore his power, but when He will restore his power.

Barry’s speed began to disappear after season 6 episode 14, “The Death of the Speed ​​Force”. Unable to draw energy from a supernatural power source, Flash realized that it was only a matter of time before his metahuman powers completely disappear.

Desperate to regain his power, Barry has recruited outstanding members of Team Flash to build an artificial Speed ​​Force. Fans have to wait until season 7 so they know exactly what will happen.

Will Sue go down to Joseph Carver’s murder?

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flash Introducing the repeating character Sue Dearbon in season 6. The socialite who became a jewel thief has established itself as a potential love interest for Ralph Dibney, known as the Elongated Man. The last time we saw Sue, she was recruited by Eva McCulloch for Joseph Carver’s death.

It can be tricky for the creative team behind you. flash Choose Sue’s story. Her main relationship with Team Flash is Ralph, and the actor Hartley Sawyer who played him is Dismissed from the show Ahead of season 7

It remains to be seen how the writers come to a satisfactory conclusion on the number riddle. But Wallace promised one look of Ralph, who boasted a different look to help get things done.

Said Wallace TV line,“Thank you now. Ralph is a man who can change his face and appearance in many ways. There are several ways you can wrap up your storyline with Elongated Man appearing in at least one episode this season without giving up the spoiler. That way we can get what we need and the fans can say goodbye to the character. At least for an infinite future.”

What will happen to Iris trapped in the mirror bus?

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Eva McCulloch, also known as the Mirror Master, trapped the iris in the mirror bus. flash Season 6. Mrs. West Allen has been trapped in the realm throughout the season, where she begins to show her extraordinary powers to control her environment.

Along with the new abilities, symptoms of nerve dissonance such as headache, skin irritation, and confusion appeared. On the shocking finale cliff hanger, a bit of pain struck her, and she teleported to an unknown location. It is not surprising that the iris undergoes lasting neurological effects after being trapped in an alternate dimension for a long period of time.

Not to forget, the mirror master kidnapped Cicso’s ladylove Kamilla and police chief Singh. They spent much less time in the Mirrorverse than Iris, so it remains to be seen if they will experience neurological dissonance symptoms.

As Wallace said CBR, Fans do not have to wait long to learn the fate of Iris. He said, “If you know where Iris has gone, you will cry. Oh. Tears come at the premiere of the season.”

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