3 Reasons to Bet with the Dividends You Win on Football Index

Actively participating on the Football Index does more than add another level to your enjoyment of football; it also presents you with different opportunities to win while indulging in your favourite pastime. There are different ways of winning money on FI. For starters, you can sign up using a Football Index promo code to enjoy additional funds on top of your initial deposit & bet. Then, you can buy shares on top-performing players who are likely to win dividends, as well as up-and-coming players who are likely to become more in-demand among traders as they fulfil their future potential.

Over #me, you’ll be able to observe and adopt strategies that can give you more opportunities to win. At the same #me, you’ll want to increase your involvement on the platform to win significant returns for yourself. You can do this by depositing money, selling player shares at a profit, or reusing your dividends to implement your winning strategies. Let’s take a closer look at the latter option.

What are Dividends and Why Should You Bet with Your Dividend Winnings?

Bettors on Football Index gain dividends by owning shares on players that are at the top of their game and are frequently mentioned by the media in a positive light. All players on FI are qualified to win dividends, but very few players will add to the dividend winnings of their shareholders at the end of every day. Players who are likely to gain dividends are usually in high demand among bettors, and this means that they typically – but not always – have a high buy price.

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Dividends are awarded by Football Index, and re-betting that money back into the platform means that you don’t have to use your own funds to increase your deposit. Here’s why this is a smart choice for bettors:

You Can Adopt Different Be2ng Strategies without Using Your Own Money

To be clear, the amount that you are awarded due to owning shares on dividend-winning players is yours to begin with, and you can do with it as you please. With this being the case, why not use it to give yourself better chances of winning on the Index? You may be thinking of implementing specific strategies on the football stock market. Well your dividend funds can come to your aid. If you’re planning to buy shares on up-and-coming players while their share prices are still low, you can put your dividends on these shares now and reap the benefits in the future without risking the value of your portfolio.

You Can Minimise the Level of Risk You Take On

Again, having dividends allows you to increase your FI funds without pulling money out of your own pocket. You can use this extra amount to implement and test new strategies; providing you with a performance guideline for future reference.

You Can Leverage Compounding Interest to Grow Your Money

If you want to go with a strategy that is more familiar to you, you can also use your dividends to buy shares of top players that can win you more dividends. You can, for example, buy 10 shares at £10 each of a top player, totalling £100. If the player wins £1 dividend per share at the end of the year, you’ll have £110, or £10 more. You can use this amount to buy another share on the said player, bringing your total number of shares to 11. If the player wins the same amount of dividends per share at the end of the second year, you’ll have £120, or £20 more from what you originally started with.

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The Right Time to Use Your Dividends

Using the dividends you’ve won on Football Index is a logical choice if you want to enjoy all of the above- mentioned benefits. However, there are also situations where you’re better off keeping the dividends you’ve won to yourself rather than using it to increase your funds on the football stock market. If you need additional financial resources for other endeavours, for example, then you can obviously enjoy your dividends by withdrawing them.

Football Index is a betting platform, so you must be at least 18+ and please gamble responsibly with begambleaware.org. When the fun stops, stop!

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