33 meter vulva creates paradox in Brazil – Observer

33 meter vulva creates paradox in Brazil - Observer

It took 11 months for the completion of Juliana Notary’s art project in Brazil – and a few days to reach the controversial international press, Includes British The Guardian. The largest excavation in the form of a “vulva / wound” with a height of 33 meters and a width of 16 and another six depths called “diva” is at the center of a heated debate that divides politics and society.

In the middle of many rocks in the middle of this dystopian year, I finally finish the year with Diva ready !! It is a

Posted by Juliana Notary Ann Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The art installation was unveiled Saturday at the Rural Art Park in Bernambuco. On Facebook, the artist released a lengthy text that requires more than 20 men to complete the project, and the “diva” wants to explain the issues that represent “the problem of gender from a woman’s perspective” and “the relationship between nature and culture in our Western polocentric and human-centered society.” Questioning, “increasingly urgent” themes.

It is in this same publication that comments of dissatisfaction are found, and some reactions are even “obscene”. Thousands of reviews – most of them The Guardian Allies To supporters of President Jair Bolzano – they angrily invaded the artist’s side, saying, “Who on the left thinks you’re playing?” Except for the useful idiots on the left, of course. ”

However, this is not the only release that has generated negative feedback: before the end of 2020, the artist mentioned the project in social media photos, and he was one of the 20 people who helped build this installation. Art, they are all black. The Picture This brought racial issues out of the water. Folha to DS Paulo, artist Clarifies The one who was in tune with the team, even though he understood how to interpret the picture: “I was in tune with the team, but when you look at the picture it shows the difference in classes. (2) The film transcends the arts and enters the context of what Brazil is all about ”.

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In addition to the social and racial context, there have been those who accuse this work of being transphobic – there are criticisms pointing out that not all women have a vagina – who have questioned the need to spend money on projects related to feminist art instead of social projects. , And whoever focuses on the environmental issue. But while some question Juliana Notary’s art, others celebrate it: the truth is, the publication has garnered over 25,000 comments and has already been shared more than 13,000 times. Corio Brazilians, to the artist He comments It will, however, consider constructive criticism in subsequent works.

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