39 Black Friday deals under Black 50 (2020): Cases, Speakers, Leggings and many more

39 Black Friday deals under Black 50 (2020): Cases, Speakers, Leggings and many more

I never thought I would spend more than $ 10 on leggings, and then I tried this. They are high waist (I have a long body, and most “high waist” pants do not reach my belly button), they are invisible and will not move or rearrange as you move. They are made Plastic bottles and 79 percent recycled polyester, They come in recycled packaging. Once you have overflowed them or worn them out well, you can send them back to the Girlfriend Collective for recycling (and you will get a gift card).

If you do not need high hip legs, Legs raised in the middle Are on sale for $ 48; 30 percent discount like everything else Paloma Pro, I like.

Pompas Socks (20% discount)

Pampas (with code CHEER20)

Some of our favorite socks for running are from Pampas. The company also makes excellent compression socks for post-workout recovery sessions. The coupon code is CHEER20, 20% better than everything Pompas sells — all socks, and T-shirts and other clothing.

Colgate Hum Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush for $ 50 (off 20 off)

The goal, Walmart ($ 50), Colgate ($ 56, enter HUMFORTHEHOLIDAYS)

Colgate Hum is an electric brush Done correctlyProgress You do not have to look at your phone every time to map your progress and get feedback – and it’s cheaper than most smart brushes out there. You can get it Amazon Even, but it’s $ 60.

If you do not need a rechargeable brush and can handle the batteries, that version goes on sale from 40 Colgate (with code HUMFORTHEHOLIDAYS) And from $ 45 Amazon.

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Disposable Masks $ 8 (off 22 discount)


This face mask fell at the same price on Amazon Prime Day. Disposable masks are not a very eco-friendly option and we recommend investing in some Reusable masksBut these are lightweight and effective. They are a good option if you are afraid mascne.

Society 6 Face Masks $ 12 (off 4 off)


WIRED employee Kim Chua likes these masks. (Here are the ones Lots of our favorite masks.) They come in many eye-catching designs and are not very expensive.

Baku Face Mask 3-Pack for $ 24 (off 8 off)

பாகு, Amazon ($ 26)

These are ours The best masks List. When a relative of a WIRED employee became ill with Covit-19, he found that they were comfortable enough to sleep. We like the ear-ring style tie-back style. The viscous is awesome Reusable bags Even (a A standard alternative to plastic), Which is part of the black silver sale throughout the site.

Olica Hand Sanitizer Multiples $ 34 (off 8 off)

Amazon (click the coupon button)

Amazon will use additional coupon savings in the renewal. If you do not like Do your own hand cleaning, And you’re tired of the vodka-scented mass-produced purifier, this deal may be up to your alley.

iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer $ 24 (off 20 off)


These thermometers typically cost between $ 30 and $ 50. It uses infrared to read body temperature in a second, so you do not have to deal with examining under the tongue of a sick child.

Lifestra for Lif 13 (off 7 discount)


If you are lifting, camping or have a disaster kit ready, Life Straw is a good thing to add. It filters contaminated water without batteries or other components. We’ve seen it drop to $ 10 before, so you might want to wait and see if the price goes down further.

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Final Reuse Straw for Re 15 (off 9 discount)

Click the Amazon the Coupon button, Final $ 20)

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