49 people watching the Arizona Cardinals Stadium for the upcoming ‘Home’ Games

49 people watching the Arizona Cardinals Stadium for the upcoming 'Home' Games

49 players have the opportunity to transfer their “home” games to Arizona until they are locked out of Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara.

A league circuit with NBC Sports Bay Area on Sunday night is evaluating local options San Diego and Arizona to hold procedures for at least the next three weeks. Arizona Cardinals’ own stadium is an opportunity for 49ers to play games.

Santa Clara County The order was issued on Saturday Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases all contact games will be banned from practices and games until at least December 21st.

49 people are not exempt from the ban and are forced to resort to new facilities to conduct procedures and play upcoming home games.

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49 players beat Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, 23-20, Should be in the NFC playoff film with a 5-6 record.

The 49 players are due to play against the Buffalo Bills at Levy Stadium next Monday night. But playing in Santa Clara is not an option at this time because of the restrictions imposed by district officials on Saturday.

Arizona and Dallas are the venues where the NBC Sports Bay Area hosts the 49ers “home” games on Saturday.

The Cardinals’ home stadium in Glendale, Arizona, seems to be the best choice for 49 players because of its proximity. 49 players were expected to shift their home games outside of California. Arizona is the closest option, and it also provides the infrastructure to handle requests to host an NFL game.

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Following the 49ers’ Week 13 match against the Bills, the club are scheduled to play another home game in the 14th week against Washington on December 13.

Since then, the 49ers have been playing road games in Dallas and Arizona, ending the regular season on Jan. 3 with a home game against the Seahawks in Seattle.

The Cardinals are scheduled to play at home on Sunday, but will be on the road at weeks 14 and 17, meaning none of Arizona’s home schedule will contradict the 49ers games.

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