49ers vs. Rams Score: Jimmy Garoppolo outperforms Jared Goff with San Francisco winning NFC West.

49ers vs.  Rams Score: Jimmy Garoppolo outperforms Jared Goff with San Francisco winning NFC West.

The Los Angeles Rams took on Sunday night’s division showdown with the San Francisco 49ers right behind the No. 1 Seattle Seahawks. The only problem: they forgot to bring a good Jared Goff. Although the quarterback helped to rally Rams in the late primetime match of Week 6, his inconsistent start buried early LA, but Jimmy Garro Polo and Ninus had little trouble moving up and down the field with a play-action attack. There was no. In a battle against well-known coaches, Kyle Shanahan beat Sean McVay to win the West with the 49ers a 24-16 victory.

Here’s an instant summary of the 49ers win on Sunday night.

Why 49ers Won

Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy Garoppolo are back in “A” match. Things were a bit slower in the second half, but including 21 points in the first half, San Francisco was able to handle the attack easily. Looking much more comfortable and healthier than Week 5, Garoppolo did a tremendous job hitting nine different receivers at night and spreading the ball, and he wasn’t ashamed to push the ball down the field.

Had Raheem Mostert not been kicked out of injuries, he would have covered 100 screamage yards as part of the attack. George Kittle and Deebo Samuel helped JaMycal Hasty bring the slack as he did the stretch. Defensively, the Niners didn’t necessarily do anything special, but they took advantage of Jared Goff’s wildly erratic throws to prevent the division win.

Why ram lost

The old Jared Goff had an ugly hair. There is no other way to turn it around. Goff entered Sunday night’s matchup and played a really pretty four together, but failed almost from start to finish with the Niners’ defense missing several major starters. QBs have historically tended to fold under slightly more pressure than others, but the 49ers didn’t dominate the pockets as much as you might think. A deep TD against Josh Reynolds raised his eyebrows later in the game, but was otherwise inaccurate, eliminating big play opportunities against targets like Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods.

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Darrell Henderson exploded almost all of his tote so he didn’t have to blame him, but he was able to do so much. On the defensive, LA did a great job of closing the hole against the Niners’ powerful rush attack, but George Kittle had no answer and lost ground in a deep pass.

Turning point

If you’re looking for a real turning point, I would have been honestly on Rams’ second drive. LA paved the way for the 14-0 hole. However, more urgent events emerged later in the game as Rams dropped 12.

With a defensive pass-interference call and a few fabulous Henderson runs up to Niners’ two-yard line, Rams was in the best position to take San Francisco’s lead and make Sunday night’s match a competition. However, Goff misfired with a short throw at Josh Reynolds, sending the ball into Jason Verrett’s hand. That choice didn’t take LA’s score. It brought all the momentum back to the Niners.

Game play

Give this to Garoppolo and Kittle, who connected them 4 and 2 to put the initial daggers in Rams defense. The pass is beautiful and there is a bullet in the middle. Catch and Run reminds us that Kittle is a tight, wide receiver.

What future plans

The 49ers (3-3) have reached .500 and are set to play in Week 7 as they will face the New England Patriots on October 25th. Meanwhile, Rams (4-2) took an extra break to prepare for the Monday night fight against the Chicago Bears, who had won against Carolina Panthers to improve to 5-1.

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