5 best movies and series to watch this weekend

5 best movies and series to watch this weekend

The first month of 2021 started with a bang on the platforms Streaming It has to be that way. A wave continues Publications The much-anticipated super, live-action “Fate: The Winx Saga” premieres on Netflix this Friday, the 22nd, a series inspired by The Wings Club’s famous angel universe, which has been successful since the 2000s.

In the list of publications to track, there is more The movie Brazilian “By M Topro”, originally starring and presenter Massa Netflix, his new home and SEri Apple TV +, the original Israeli TV suspense of “Losing Alice”, tells the dark story of a filmmaker who is obsessed with a colleague.

As usual, Casual picked the 5 most worthy topics to see this weekend. This time, they entered from the “Rule: Winx saga” and “Twin Father” list Netflix; “Losing Alice” and “Little America”, Dr. Apple TV +, And “tiger”, from HBO Co.. Have a good time!

Rule: A Saga Winx (Netflix)

A cartoon from the 2000s that is still successful today, “The Wings Club”, which explores the universe of fairy adventure, has become a live-action adaptation of the Netflix series. In chapter 6, “Fate: The Wings Saga” follows the story of five teenage angels (this time, played by humans) in Alfia, a magical boarding school. In this so-called “other world”, Winx must learn to master their powers while dealing with adolescent issues and fighting enemies.

Twin Father (Netflix)

Massa’s first film as a young actress and presenter on Netflix, “By M Dobro” was the biggest challenge in Brazilian streaming in January. The film, which is already on the list of most viewed topics by Brazilians, shows the adventure of an 18-year-old girl named Vicenza (Masa) who was raised in a hippie community in search of her father’s true identity.

Losing Alice (Apple TV +)

Apple TV +’s original Israeli TV thriller series “Losing Alice” is a play that tells the story of filmmaker Alice (Ailet Juror), a character who sees her life stagnate after deciding to build a family and become a mother. Everything changes when he falls in love with a young screenwriter named Alice Sophie (Lihi Kornovsky) who can offer her the chance to return to the star with an unprecedented script. Throughout the chapters, the series deepens the filmmaker’s interest in the screenwriter and how that relationship can erode both sides.

Little America (Apple TV +)

Another Apple TV + release to keep an eye on this weekend is the “Little America” series, which is based on the true stories of 8 immigrants and their experiences in the United States. With notes of drama and comedy, each of the 8 chapters brings out the story of a different immigrant.

Tiger (HBO GO)

The original HBO GO documentary is divided into two parts, “Tiger” uses pictures and unpublished interviews with essential characters in the life of one of the best athletes in the world. Chronologically, the film details the rise, fall and arrival of American golfer Tiger Woods.

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