5 films and 5 series representing 2020

5 films and 5 series representing 2020

That 2020 is not a pleasant one, as we already know. This year has been very unusual in cinema and TV, with many delays, interruptions in filming and releases mostly focused on streaming.

Movies and series defining 2020. Image: Editing / Vector Aliaga

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In the midst of social isolation and closed cinemas, productions (movies or series) that start directly in streaming are fundamental to being a little smarter and escaping the confusing reality around us.

Below you will find five films and five series defining 2020:

5 pictures representing 2020

Sonic: The movie

Sonic first film: Movie (Read the IGN Brazil review here) Caused a stir on the internet and led the studio to rearrange the look of the blue hedgehog – and, let’s face it, it was so much better! It may seem strange to remember that this feature opened in theaters there in February 2020, but it’s true, believe it or not! Remnants of very sober times.

Birds: Thunder: Harlequin and its fantastic release

Another film that debuted there in early 2020, there was still time to see in the cinema Birds Bird: Harlequin and its fantastic release (Read Review IGN Brazil Here). DC Comics focuses on anti-hero group, Birds of Pray vibrant colors, perfect dose slapstick comedy and female protagonists badass – Great formula for DC and comic book fans!


Hamilton may be one of the biggest pop cultural events of 2020 at Fall Guys, Something and Animal Crossing. Commanded by the incomparable Lynn-Manuel Miranda, this is a filmed version of Broadway’s best-selling hit. With a welcoming mix of hip-hop, jazz and R&B, Hamilton brings together the best in theater, cinema and streaming. It is available at Disney +. Learn more about music here.

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Wonder Woman 1984

After numerous postponements, Warner and DC stepped in to release Warner Woman 1984 on December 17 in Brazilian cinemas only – a disgrace because in the United States, the public wanted to see this heroine show on HBO Max, which has not yet arrived here. For those trying to see the cinema, a light and hopeful film was presented: Wonder Woman 1984 is the warmth we all need in a tragic year like 2020. Read the review IGN Brazil Here.

OK with the arrival of Christmas

National production in the region! Leandro Hassum, Dudo Pem No Natal Com Wem, Adam Chandler’s Complete Classic is worth a click. It’s so good to see the family, to have a good laugh and to shed a good amount of tears! The film is available on Netflix and brings a kind of optimistic promise: in the same period, a year from now, everything will be fine.

Value Notes: Denet, The Sound of Silence and Two Brothers: A Fantastic Journey.

5 series representing 2020

Best Calling Saul: 5ª Temporada

The best call was as good as Saul was already breaking the worst. Image: Revelation

Breaking the bad cycle is the best call Saul has shown he has come a long time. This fifth season, which began in early 2020, only reaffirmed the quality of the series that focused on our beloved Saul Goodman Jimmy McGill in the future. We saw more about Dangerous Cartel, well-known characters from Breaking Pad and new supporting actors stealing the show just like Lalo, and more and more Saul saw Jimmy. Let’s face it: Saul is good at making bad calls.

Cobra Guy: Season 1 and 2 on Netflix

Well, this is a “cheat”. Cobra Guy, which follows the karate kit traditions, debuted in 2018 on YouTube’s streaming service. However, when Netflix brought the first two seasons to the streaming service list, the series really shook, especially in Brazil. Nostalgia, Soundtrack, Classic Cast Again: The combo is perfect and it is one of the best comebacks of the classic franchise ever.

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Boys: 20 Temporada

More absurd than the first, the second season of The Boys is really head blowing! To highlight the new “heroine” Libertad, the series is full of satire for superheroes, exaggerated use of social networks, numerous references to pop culture, lots of cynicism, white supremacy taking a beating and an excellent hook for an already confirmed third year.

Queen’s Gambit

Would you believe if I told you that by the beginning of 2020, a mini-series centered on chess would be one of Netflix’s biggest events of the year? The Queen’s Compido won the audience’s mouth from those who realized that this was a great story starring the brilliant Anya Taylor-Joy in the role of chess player Beth Hormone.

Montalorian: Season 2

Baby Yoda has a name, it’s called Kroku. It’s one of the revelations of the second season of The Montalorian, a series that occupies every Star Wars fan’s Friday and week of 2020. It’s one of the events of the year, with special appearances by Ahsoka Dano, Boba Fed is a very powerful Jedi and a fan favorite! How good it is to enjoy being alive now and enjoying Star Wars!

Value Notes: Bojak Horseman, Lovecraft Country, Final Pitch and 6th and Final Season of Ordinary Persons.

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