5 Reasons Heavy Machinery Members Otis and Tucker Separated from WWE Draft 2020

Unfortunately, The New Day isn

Heavy Machinery was part of Talking Smack this week with Kayla Braxton and Sami Zayn. Considering Otis and Tucker when it was announced that Tucker would be heading RAW as part of WWE Draft 2020, this is officially the end of Heavy Machinery. It is on two separate brands.

The reason why WWE decided to separate Tucker and Otis WWE Draft 2020, You rightly ask? Here are five possible reasons for heavy equipment to be separated without being based on internal knowledge:

Everyone loves heavy equipment, so let us know your favorite Otis or Tucker moments in the comments section below, and if you’re happy with the very beloved team that goes in different ways as a result of WWE Draft 2020.

#5 set Otis as a legitimate single superstar before cashing out a Money in the Bank contract

We’ve heard stories from more than one performer Vince McMahon about how much tag team wrestling is cherished. And if the plan is to put the WWE Universal Championship or the WWE Championship around Otis’s waist, he needs to get wet. In the tag team department on the following dates and weeks.

Vince McMahon Perhaps you want the Otis to look peak performance, continuing through one heel to the top of the card. And when he does that, he can be seen as a baby face that’s equally trusted with top stars like Roman Reigns and/or Jimmy Uso, depending on how Hell in a Cell turned out. Can you imagine Otis now as the face of the WWE brand?

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Posted: October 11, 2020, 19:41 IST

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