55% of FDNY members do not want to be vaccinated with COVID-19 – CBS New York

55% of FDNY members do not want to be vaccinated with COVID-19 - CBS New York

New York (CBS New York)FDNY The first groups offered are employees Corona virus Vaccination after hospital staff, and nursing home patients and staff.

But will they really take it? CBS2’s Lisa Rosner said Sunday that most firefighters are not in a union poll.

A quarter of firefighters surveyed said 55% did not want to be vaccinated now, while 45% said they did not.

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The firefighters’ union said more education was needed to encourage more members to take the vaccine, and wanted to know the plan for its immediate release.

As reported by CBS2, New York’s first 170,000 dose vaccine is due December 15, But union representatives for firefighters and EMS workers said they had never heard of when their members would receive the first dose.

International spread of corona virus

Uniform Firefighters Association President Andrew Unspro told Rosner that he would get the vaccine, but some go to someone whose dose is too vulnerable or think they do not need it because they have antibodies.

“We can’t have this on 24-7, so there’s going to be revelations. There’s actually been six firehouses, and they’s seeing improvements now. Unspro said.

Anthony Almojera, vice president of the Union Local 3621, who does not have an official survey of uniformed EMS officers, believes most of his members will be vaccinated.

“The tremor is in its performance, its logistics, are there any side effects,” said Anthony Almojera. “The feeling and feedback I get is that it’s rushed and my response to them is, yes, it had to rush. We’re in an epidemic, aren’t we?”

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Dr. Bruce Y. Lee of CUNY Graduate School Public Health agrees to release more data. He commented on Pfizer’s latest press release:

“It really focused on measured performance and did not indicate a significant side effect rate, but we should also remember that this was from the first few months of the trial,” Lee said.

Rosner approached FDNY for comment, waiting to be heard again.

Last week, It said it does not make the vaccine mandatory for its members.

Major Bill de Blasio He announced Sunday that he will make his show publicly to show New Yorkers that it is safe and effective.

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