60 Coinbase employees receive an offer to take over for the “no political” rule.

60 Coinbase employees receive an offer to take over for the "no political" rule.
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After CEO Brian Armstrong announced a controversial new policy to curb political activity inside the company, 60 Coinbase employees accepted the offer for the acquisition. Armstrong Thursday email To the staff.

Armstrong New policy announcement Since last summer, many tech companies have faced pressure from their employees to speak more honestly about social justice issues.

“I think these efforts are intended, but it’s likely to destroy a lot of value in most companies by creating distractions and internal departments.” Armstrong wrote In a blog post on September 27th. “We’ve seen how internal disputes in companies like Google and Facebook can affect productivity. I don’t think most employees want to work in this disruptive environment.”

This post sparked a backlash among liberals on Twitter, but Armstrong didn’t back down. To show that he was serious, Armstrong offered Coinbase employees a generous severance pay package with a salary of 4 to 6 months if they weren’t familiar with the new policy.

“Life is too short to work for a company that is not interesting.” Armstrong wrote.

Now Armstrong says 60 employees have accepted the package. Armstrong says this is about 5% of the company’s staff. A few employees are still discussing with the company and you can accept it in the next few days.

“For those of you who decide to go ahead, I appreciate your contribution to Coinbase and hope to do my best,” wrote Armstrong. “And thank you for your trust and dedication to this mission to those who choose the next chapter.”

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Armstrong said Coinbase’s “people in the group of owners” did not accept an unbalanced number of acquisition offers. Armstrong said she did her best to “create a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone feels a part of.”

And while Coinbase doesn’t recommend most forms of political advocacy, Armstrong has admitted one exception. In other words, the cryptocurrency itself is “implicitly political”. “It’s politically okay for this particular area because it has to do with our mission,” Armstrong wrote.

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