He is with Otto Good Friday Launched and now has a nice Philips TV that sells at 70 inches and the Umbilite low price. GIGA has summarized the details for you.

70-inch TV from Philips for 749.99 euros

The Philips 70PUS8105 is a special model specially made for Otto. One such is also known from Mediamark or Saturn. These are popular models that look a bit different from other devices, but there are no technical differences. So can Otto bought a 70-inch TV for 9 749.99 When to sell Similar Philips models cost over 900 euros. The offer at Otto is only valid for a short period of time. Because the TV is so large, you have to pay 29.95 euros to deliver it by freight forwarder. But you save more than 100 euros compared to other retailers.

Technically, Philips TV is up to date. Resolution 4K. Special technologies ensure that the image is optimal when viewing content. It is a smart TV with WiFi that can access all important services like Netflix and Go. The TV has a triple tuner and can get everything. There are also two USB ports and three HDMI ports. However, the highlight is the three-sided umbilical cord, which creates a very special environment.

Explains the difference:

What good is Philips TV in Otto?

Interestingly, the ratings for the Philips 70PUS8105 are very good. 97 percent of buyers are completely satisfied. They are passionate about Amblite, which works well on any source and transforms the entire wall into part of the TV. Otherwise, the quality of the film and the excellent price-performance ratio are appreciated. This cannot be taken for granted with televisions made only for one dealer. But Otto has chosen a good model here Sold at an attractive price.

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