777X | Boeing loses 118 orders for Contact radar

777X |  Boeing loses 118 orders for Contact radar

Loses 118 orders for Boeing 777X
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Loses 118 orders for Boeing 777X

Last Monday (01), the US manufacturer Boeing announced that one-third of the 777X aircraft ordered were no longer firm orders. Of the 350 aircraft on the production list, 118 jets are no longer firm orders.

Due to the many delays in delivering the largest dual engine today and the global crisis, some airlines are still interested in such a large aircraft.

As one of the reasons for its delivery delay, the aircraft will be allowed to undergo more in-depth inspections by the Civil Aviation Authority to certify it.

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This delay will enable the aircraft to “launch” at a better time in the world economy and for better use by airlines, as large jets are not currently in use.

“Delays have occurred on the 737 MAX and 777X plans, and as a result customers have the right to suspend orders or change orders for other Boeing aircraft.”

According to the post, the manufacturer responded to Boeing

A record Loses 118 orders for Boeing 777X
Appeared at first Contact Radar – Airline News

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