A 104-year-old World War II veteran from Alabama has escaped from Covit-19

Major Lee Wooten was released from an Alabama hospital after recovering from Covid-19 on Tuesday, December 1, just days before his 104th birthday.

Major Lee Wooden, a World War II veteran, recovered from the virus in Madison, Alabama last week. When he was discharged Tuesday, two days before his birthday, Madison Hospital staff gave him a special referral.

A The video was shared by the hospital, Health workers lined up in the hall, singing “Happy Birthday” and praising Wooden, also known as “Pop Pop.”
Wooden served in the U.S. Army abroad for many years CNN affiliate WAFF. He built railroads and worked on train cars in Paris in the 1940s.
His granddaughter, Holy Wooden McDonald, has posted on Facebook updates about his recovery. On the way home from the hospital, Wooden asked for a chocolate milkshake. She said.

“I wish Bob had pulled his mask over his nose and got a picture of him getting that milkshake as quickly as he could,” he wrote.

McDonald wrote that Wooden still has Confusion and fatigue He is recovering at home.
The 104-year-old birthday surprises continued throughout the week. Saturday, McDonald’s Shared on Facebook Family, friends, neighbors and others in the community took part in a drive-by parade to celebrate.
Wooden Seen in videos He sat in a chair near the open window of the house and swayed as cars passed by. About 50 cars and neighbors participated, McDonald said.
“Except for the COVID beat and discharge from the hospital; today was another highlight of his week!” She Posted on Facebook. “I speak to our whole family and friends. The honor of getting to know this man cannot be described in words. Being his granddaughter is one of the greatest blessings I have ever received in life.”

After the parade, Wooden, a longtime Crimson Tide fan, cheered for the Alabama football team as they captured the LSU Tigers.

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“When I think I do not know what’s happening to Bob Bob because he’s recovering from COVID; McDonald posted a photo of Wooden watching the game.

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