A bola – ‘Caso’ Palhinha opens the discussion on sports law (sports)

Bola - The game hopes that Palhinha will be with Benfica (game) in Denpie

The suspension of Joao Palhinha, who allowed the midfielder to play Derby with Benfica on Monday, could set an unprecedented precedent in Portuguese football and has sparked a wide-ranging debate in the sports legal community in Portugal.

This is a strange process that is unprecedented because it involves the South Central Administrative Court. We are talking about the fifth yellow, a strict sports matter, where the court has always been the most efficient decision-making body. It is a concise process, an automatic one. Five yellows give suspension, we all know that one red can create a game or two. The game has called into question the decades-long history of the abstract process in football, explains sports law expert Joao Diego Monticas.

Clearly, a prototype is unlocked. At first glance, this may seem to me an academic question rather than a direct effect on the sport or the player, but since this is something that has not happened before, let us now look at what strategy is being followed by other clubs: Diego Soros Lurero, Member of the International Association of Young Lawyers for the Portuguese Language Law Commission.

Despite the unprecedented lawsuit, the two attorneys heard by A BOLA share the same opinion: the game operated within legal parameters.

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