A bola – newspaper «Marga Sport tries to unravel the secret of the game

A bola - newspaper «Marga Sport tries to unravel the secret of the game

Sporting’s best season in the Portuguese league has not gone unnoticed by the Spanish press.

The game year will end in first place, as they did when they won the last title in 2001/2002. At this point, Benfica and FC Porto, who have yet to play in this tournament, have five and seven points respectively.

Good campaign is highlighted Brand This Tuesday, there are many reasons for Lyon’s success and highlights from the start, with coach Robben Amorim having 19 wins, five draws and three defeats in 27 games.

In addition to being a technician, the strategic hires include Nuno Santos, Puntarenas Boro, Tabata, Pedro Gonsalves, Antunes, Fedel, Adon and Joao Mario Returning – and Youth Racing – Joelsson Fernandez (17), Diego Tomas (18) 18), Gonzalo Inacio (19), Daniel Bragania (21) and Nuno Mendes (18) – the main reasons highlighted by the famous Spanish newspaper.

The strike by Spain defender Puntaren Borough and Pedro Gonzalez also highlighted the best season daily with the star on the low profile team scoring 10, 10 goals and the league’s highest scorer.

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