A.C. Ibrahimovic ‘shame’ after Milan: ‘very wrong’ – AC Milan

A.C.  Ibrahimovic 'shame' after Milan: 'very wrong' - AC Milan

“Winter champions mean nothing,” warns Swedish striker

This Saturday A.C. Milan ‘humiliated’ at home, lost 3-0 With Atlanta, and at the end of the meeting Sladen Ibrahimovic commented on the defeat, noting the inexperience of some, warning of the fact that they were “winter champions, but it was nothing”.

“A lot has gone wrong today. I do not want to make excuses. We always have to go on to win. Today we did not do that. “The team is very fragile. Unfortunately we lost a lot of experienced players, but that was no exception. We work hard and make sacrifices. We are winter champions, but it’s nothing. The championship is half over, now we’re fine, but there are still many games to play The hard part is starting now, “he said.

Today his A.C. Ibrahimovic asked about Mario Mandzukic, who made his debut in Milan: “Mandzukic did not speak much. I tried to greet him in Slavic, Italian. The coach asked if he wanted to say a few words, he said no. He did not say much, but he was very attentive.” Zapada, who scored Atlanta’s third goal during the game, was ‘caught’ by provocative cameras.

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