A calving in the middle of the snow, dog sledding and a deadly cold. The chaos (and unusual) of the Plomina storm in Madrid – Spectator

A calving in the middle of the snow, dog sledding and a deadly cold.  The chaos (and unusual) of the Plomina storm in Madrid - Spectator

22-year-old security guard Sandra Morena also experienced tragic moments in the storm. She got stuck in a car on the snow-covered road on her way to work. At 12 o’clock, she was in the car, paralyzed on the road, “crying, without food, because we do not know how to get out of there”.

Only on Saturday morning was a Spanish military team able to reach Sandra Morena and drive her off the road. Speaking to the Associated Press, he urged his countrymen to be careful: “The snow is beautiful, but getting stuck in a car at night is not fun.”

The government has asked people to stay home until the storm hits the Iberian Peninsula. But those who ignored that advice, instead of choosing the tranquility of home, decided to wander the Spanish roads on rides pulled by dogs. Others dedicated themselves Skiing, skiing And Snowman.

Also: A Spanish presenter, Cristina Petroche, landscaped the snow for a photo without clothes. Last Friday, the controversial TV star completely unwrapped and sat on the ground in the snow. “We were all amazed at how precious the snow was, but it was so beautiful and important to see inside,” he wrote.

But the situation is serious. The Spanish Red Cross has mobilized more than 200 people to support those most affected by Hurricane Plomina, and the bodies of Spanish armed forces are clearing snow from access to essential services such as hospitals. In Mingorupio, 800 people are isolated and their homes are without electricity.

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Football is also affected by the storm. After waiting for hours to fly safely to Pamplona at the Barajas Airport, Real Madrid has finally reached its destination. But the game against Osasuna, scheduled for 8 p.m., could be blocked even by snow.

It took place during the match between Atletico de Madrid and athlete Bilbao, which was scheduled for 15:15 on the mainland of Portugal. The organization confirmed that “after contacting the clubs (…) regarding the exceptional situation caused by bad weather in La Liga (() on the Iberian Peninsula, the game was postponed.”

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