A Delta passenger who jumped with a dog from a moving plane was said to have lost control

A Delta passenger who jumped with a dog from a moving plane was said to have lost control

(CNN) – One of the two passengers who got off the Delta plane when the plane was going in a taxi on a runway, he felt he had to leave or he would lose control during an arrangement on Tuesday, reports said.

Two passengers and a dog boarded a flight to Atlanta at New York’s LaGuardia Airport on Monday, killing one of the passengers. A room door opened And activated the slide to exit the aircraft shortly before departure.

Lenis Valens, a spokeswoman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, said Antonio Murdoch, 31, and Brianna Greco, 23, of Florida, are facing third-degree criminal charges.

Murdoch was charged with second-degree criminal mischief and secondary irresponsible risk, Valens said.

When Murdoch was arrested in New York City Criminal Court in Queens on Tuesday, authorities said they noticed a male and female passenger walking on the plane with an air attendant on board during the incident.

According to the flight attendant’s report, he reportedly asked the male passengers, who were identified by authorities as Murdoch, and basically said, “I have to get off the plane. I don’t want to sit here. I’m going to open the door.”

Murdoch then claimed to have passed the flight attendant and opened a door marked “emergency exit” which caused the attached slide to be deployed and elevated. The report said the man picked up his dog and left using the slide.

The female passengers, identified as Greco during the team, are said to have followed Murdoch on the slide. The couple and the dog then walked to the taxiway from the plane.

Officers were later arrested in the restricted taxiway area.

The flight attendant informed officers that there were no circumstances on the plane, which forced Murdoch to open the emergency door.

Murdoch’s lawyer, Jubril Olatheran, did not comment when contacted by CNN. CNN is trying to reach out to Greco for opinion, and it is not clear whether she has legal representation.

Casey Johnson, who lives in Manhattan and flies home with her family in Panama City Beach, Florida, told CNN that the couple and their dog exchanged seats at the gate.

Johnson said the couple were sweet and he didn’t seem to notice anything normal during their relationship.

He called the man, identified by authorities as Murdoch, “soft-spoken.”

Murdoch asked Johnson to change rows so they could be the last aisle of the plane to accommodate their dog.

The aircraft was mostly packed except for the middle seats, which are open to Delta’s Govt-19 policy. A few minutes later, however, the pair moved several rows forward again, Johnson said.

“I remember thinking, ‘Well, you told me to swap rows with you because you wanted to be behind and now all of a sudden you decided you had to be forward,’ he said.

Johnson, who was wearing headphones as the plane paid taxes to Dormac, later noticed a mess.

“The next thing I know, I’m looking up when I’m moving, I’m looking … I’ll see a lot of people standing up, and I’m looking like four people running towards the front of the plane. He said he was not a witness when the pair and the dog jumped off the plane, but saw the emergency exit when the plane was open near the cockpit.

The pilot told passengers via cabin speakers that the slide had been stopped and the door had been opened, but Johnson said the passengers had not fled.

Johnson said the plane sat in the tarmac for more than an hour before Kate returned.

Delta spokesman Morgan Durant said that after Murdoch and Greco got off the plane, the plane returned to the gate and pushed customers back to normal.

The airline was able to accommodate the remaining passengers on alternative flights, he said.

“Maintenance technicians have evaluated the aircraft and (it) is scheduled to return to service this evening,” Durant said. Delta said it could not provide further comment.

Murdoch is scheduled to return to court on Feb. 9, while Greco is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 21, according to the Queens County Attorney’s Office.

The dog, who came with the two, was taken to an animal shelter in Brooklyn, New York Port Authority and New Jersey spokesman Valence said.

A receipt was issued to Craigo to retrieve the dog, Valens said.

In a statement, the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed the incident and the arrests and referred additional questions to Delta and local authorities.

CNN’s Ganesh Chetty, Laura Lee, Holy Silverman and Elliott C. McLaughlin contributed to the report.

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