A dilemma in the matrix: the theory of simulation of documentary discussions

A dilemma in the matrix: the theory of simulation of documentary discussions

Inspired by the film The Matrix (1999) and theories in this regard, many believe that live in computer simulation. Trying to understand the reasons that led them to believe such a hypothesis, director Rodney Usher sought answers from some of them and the dialogues collected in the documentary. A glitch in the matrix, Launched in the United States this Friday (5).

Joshua Cook, one of the producers portrayed, killed his parents in 2003, an American who believed he would live in a simulated reality when he was 19 years old. Among those with similar hopes is billionaire Elon Musk, mentioned in the book, who in some cases has already commented. Sure about being in a simulation.

In addition to an interview with researcher and philosopher Nick Postrom, the film, written in the early 2000s, provides more modern definitions of simulation theory and brings the word of experts and amateur artists to the subject. Writer Philip K., recorded in the 1970s. The filmmaker recalls a famous discourse written by Dick, explaining his views on reality.

For a while, A glitch in the matrix It is only shown in cinemas and on some digital platforms in the United States. But soon, the documentary will be streamed in more countries.

Other works of the director

This is not the first time Asher has tried to explain himself to defenders of controversial theories. Throughout his life, he has released documentaries as a filmmaker Room 237 (2012), in which he addresses different theories developed by classic fans Glowing, De Stanley Kubrick.

Already inside Dream (2015), Theme Sleep deprivation, An event in which people are temporarily caught between sleep and wakefulness, unable to move, speak or have other reactions, which can create terrifying scenes.

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