A group of Republican senators refuses to confirm Biden’s victory

A group of Republican senators refuses to confirm Biden's victory

So far, only one senator, Josh Hawley, has expressed the intention to formally question the Democrats’ victory on Wednesday, an unusual act that threatens to expose tensions within the Republican Party.

Congress should immediately appoint an Electoral Commission with full powers to investigate “potential” election fraud, “said seven acting senators and four newly elected senators in a statement. Echoing the allegations made by outgoing President Donald Trump, he began without presenting evidence for more than two months.

The commission will conduct a “10-day emergency audit of the states” in which both candidates fought for the most tight victory, the panel proposed, influential Senator Ted Cruz, a Texas representative. Without this censorship, “we will vote on January 6 to reject voters from these disputed states,” he added.

In the United States, the president is elected by indirect universal suffrage. The Electoral College, acting as a mediator, won Biden’s victory on December 14 by 306 votes to 232.

The Chamber of Deputies and the Senate meet Wednesday to certify these results, which are usually merely formal. But Donald Trump refused to admit his defeat and called on his supporters to protest in Washington that day.

According to CNN, in the Chamber of Deputies (PICSA), with a democratic majority, more than a hundred Republicans want to vote for certification. But in any case there will not be enough votes for the strategy to win. “We are not naive. We know most Democrats and some Republicans will vote otherwise, ”the 11 senators agreed in a statement on Saturday.

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