A leak in the box of the Xiaomi Mi11 states that it did not bring the charger

A leak in the box of the Xiaomi Mi11 states that it did not bring the charger

The Xiaomi Mi 11 is almost out of the oven of Chinese brand production. Also, according to some known information, the top of this range should face other brands, which will outperform other brands.

One of the strengths of this model is that it will bring the new Snapdragon 888 processor from Qualcomm. But now the equipment box recently leaked, saying the Mi 11 should not come with a charger.

The anticipation regarding the new Xiaomi Mi11 is excellent. The Chinese brand has already confirmed that the smartphone will bring the newly introduced high-end processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, Which is one of the most desired tools today. Most recent brand Revealed The Mi 11 will be unveiled next Monday, December 28, at an event at the company.

In the midst of so many leaks and rumors, how this phone could be is already a little better defined. Now one more detail may have come out.

The leak in the box indicates that the Xiaomi Mi11 charger should not be brought

Recently it was Revealed Image of a possible Mi 11 box by the leak Ig DigitalStation, Weibo on the social network. This release puts the boxes of Apple’s iPhone 12 and Xiaomi’s Mi 11 side by side, and although the Chinese brand is a bit thicker and longer, the differences are almost non-existent.

In this sense, the leak suggests that one should not bring a charger above the range of the Chinese brand. If this thesis is confirmed, Siomi thus begins, initially launched Apple Then Samsung.

View full image of boxes:

The truth is, if the Galaxy S21 line-up doesn't even have a charger like the Xiaomi Mi11, it will definitely follow the path of other smartphone brands in the market.

But, for now, there is no official information about the Chinese brand to confirm this possibility. So, we can only wait until next Monday and then the Mi 11 will be revealed to the world.

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