A local restaurant in Cleveland is shocked when a customer leaves the $ 3,000 tip

A local restaurant in Cleveland is shocked when a customer leaves the $ 3,000 tip

Brendan Ring, who owns the main local company Night Town, said while having lunch at his restaurant with CNN, a semi-regular customer came and left his check at his desk with a $ 3,000 tip.

“The Govt is not in control of Ohio and decided to close voluntarily until January,” Ring said.

“Sunday was our last day so we were busy with a lot of our arrangements … This guy walked in and ordered Stella’s pint until he came in. He took out a couple of chips and said to the manager, ‘Can I get my check?’

The person who said the ring wanted to be anonymous asked him to bring it to the ring’s desk and share it with the waiting staff.

“He said, ‘Good luck to you. We’ll see you when you reopen,'” Ring said.

When Ring first looked at the check he thought it was a $ 300 tip, but after he put on his glasses he realized he had missed a zero. This is the $ 3,000 tip on the $ 7 bill. He ran to the customer to make sure he was not at fault.

He said, “No, that’s what I thought. Share it with the staff, wish you a Merry Christmas and we will see you when you return. “‘

Ring said he was known as a comedian with staff – so when he shared the message with one of his staff, he thought he was pulling a prank.

“She said” Yeah well, you did it “… I showed the next server and she started to cry and she knew it was legit,” he said.

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Four servers worked on Sunday, each receiving $ 750 from the tip.

How unbelievable the ring is not only the generosity of his client, but also the expression of love for the simple story.

Ring, from Ireland, said his sister, who still lives there, also saw the story in his newspaper.

“We’re all very passionate about improving the news. If it was a normal year, yes, it would be a good story, but it’s a great story because of the year we are in,” Ring said. “The expression of love for this story is universal.”

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