A man flying a jetpack has been reported by a pilot flying over Los Angeles.

A radio call about a man in a jetpack above LAX has the FBI investigating.

American Airlines reported for the first time last Sunday a “man in a jetpack” at the plane’s altitude above 3,000 feet at Los Angeles International Airport. They said the man was about 30 yards from the aircraft.

The FBI is now investigating this matter.

CNN secured audio between air traffic control and US and JetBlue crew.

“Tower. American 1997. We passed the man in the jetpack,” the first plane called. “About 300 to 30 yards from the left. About altitude.”

About ten minutes later another plane found the man.

The flight attendant told the traffic controller, “I just saw her flying in a jetpack.”

According to the communication, air traffic control has warned JetBlue flights that “be careful, the person on board the jetpack reported that it was 300 yards to the south.”

After the plane confirmed the instructions, the controller concluded with “Only in LA”.

The Federal Aviation Administration said “officials have warned local law enforcement agencies about this report and are investigating the report.”

The FBI is investigating and “working to see what has happened,” LA field office spokesman Laura Eimiller told CNN.

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