A new variant of the virus is pushing schools to close in the UK. Portugal rejects this scenario or extends the holidays – Executive Digest

A new variant of the virus is pushing schools to close in the UK.  Portugal rejects this scenario or extends the holidays - Executive Digest

The most recent studies suggest that the variant discovered in the UK is more contagious in children, which has led some schools to close their doors. However, in Portugal, this solution seems far from being implemented, as it is only a hypothetical “scenario”.

Contacted by the ‘Executive Digest’, the official source of the Department of Education has been perpetual in guaranteeing that there will be no modification of the school calendar, in order to extend the Christmas holidays, nor any other measures planned to schools.

“The Prime Minister has already said that there has been no change in the school calendar, so has the Minister (of Education). If there are any changes, the authorities will say, ”he said. As for the future and the possible arrival of the variant in Portugal, the situation is unknown, but the closure of schools is not on the table.

“We do not know, so far no country in Europe has closed schools except the United Kingdom and only in certain regions. Later, with the expert meetings, if there is a need, you can see it soon, ”he said, saying that“ the schools were never closed during this whole period ”, so it shouldn’t be. not be an option to follow.

The same source says that this situation “is a scenario, nothing more and we are not dealing with scenarios, then we are dealing with the facts and if the facts determine it, the health authorities with the government will assess, but it will not be for the instant. “, assures.

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“This is still a very premature question. Schools are closed, there is not even news of this change in Portugal, only in two or three countries in Europe, so if there is no information we are discussing something that does not does not arise and which may never happen, ”he concludes.

Still on the closure of schools or on a possible possibility of extending the school holidays, the National Federation of Teachers (Fenprof), told Executive Digest that this has never been an option defended by the organization, specifying that As long as all safety measures are in place for the school community, face-to-face classes should continue.

Executive Digest has attempted to contact the Department of Health and the Directorate General of Health (DGS) for clarification on this matter, but so far have received no response.

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