A Pola – Ben has no excuse for anything in Benfica »(Benfica)

A Pola - Ben has no excuse for anything in Benfica »(Benfica)

Statements made by Benfica’s Captain Pizzi to Sport TV after their defeat to SC Prague in the semi – finals of the League Cup.

Covit-19 explosion on the team: a warm-up for all the players and staff going through a tough time. I was there, it was not easy. Taking into account what is happening should be hand in hand with the conscience of everyone in the country, which is a very difficult stage and requires more awareness than we do.

Explosion imposed condition on the team: Ben we are not going to catch it, there is no reason for anything in Benfica. Obviously, our product was not identical, we had to work as separate teams, it would have an impact. This is a difficult situation for everyone, we are limited. But we are not going to stick to what happened. We have a lot to gain because it thinks about what is coming. »

Game: «This is not the effect we wanted. We started well and it was unfortunate that SC Prague conceded a goal without creating many opportunities. Then we walked well and came close to the break. In the second part, at a concentration, they end 2-1. We had a reaction, obviously more with a heart than with a head, we couldn’t. Now is the time to look ahead and think about what’s next. But we are very sorry about this decision. »

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