A Pola – Coates dedicates an emotional message: «I feel a deep pain (Sports)

A Pola - Coates dedicates an emotional message: «I feel a deep pain (Sports)

Sebastian Coates used social media to write a heartfelt message in memory of Uruguayan striker Santiago Garcia, who ended his life last Saturday, when the Lions captain described him as “a brother”.

Know costs me a lot from what I know, and much more to write. We’ve known each other since we were 11, and we had only one dream: to be football players. Thousands of trips, events, we cried, we laughed, we celebrated too. We understood each other with a look. We went from comrades to friends, and life became brothers. We built a family. I feel a deep pain, from the depths of my soul, a sadness that is within me, but above all, disability, bearing all that can not do much. I thank you all for creating us to face your loss and do what needs to be done.

My thanks and gratitude to all who have to take the lead in something that those far away cannot do: Prepare yourself for your farewell and face one of life’s greatest failures. Morin, we miss you so much! You are still there after you leave, and I thank you for that. Always brethren, rest in peace », read in the felt publication.

Coates and Santiago Garcia joined the national team of Montevideo and the youth teams of the Uruguayan national team.

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