A Pola – Renato Piva: F You Can’t Kick a Boy From FC Porto Ben (Benfica)

A Pola - Renato Piva: F You Can't Kick a Boy From FC Porto Ben (Benfica)

50, 15 Renato Piva, as coach of Benfica, spent from youth team to B team, F.C. Porto argues that Sergio Concino has restored the form of motivation. “The cry is back”, removing the current coach of the Independent del Vele from Ecuador.

In an interview with the YouTube channel Wiso Vermelha, he mentions the importance of leadership in a dressing room, two months after the 17-year-old Robin Diaz, who is already commanded by everyone, albeit younger, leads the conversation today, to FC Porto. He considers Dragon’s “bad years” to be “without notes in the dressing room”, pointing out that “long-timers and newcomers don’t realize it”. What has changed? Simple: S If they weren’t looking for Sergio Cancino, I wouldn’t know where FC Porto would be. »

It’s against everything, against everyone, poor people and Kalimaros, no one likes us, I do not know how many. This is true, I did not tell any lies. Is capital. There they found a fountain that encouraged them. It was lost for a while and now they are back. The cry is back, a boy can’t be kicked out of FC Porto because it’s a shame, because 150 boys can stand on FC Porto’s bench because if they can’t stand it, no one wants FC Porto, it’s a shame, capital, government. This conversation bullshit is what feeds them he, he said.

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