A Rule 2 live event is coming up today – when to expect this

A Rule 2 live event is coming up today - when to expect this

Destiny 2 is set to enter its next big episode on Tuesday, November 10, with the release of the Beyond Lite expansion, which has made some big story moves over the past season. Before the servers go offline on November 9th to pave the way for the expansion there is one more thing: another game live event.

Bungee has been giggling about the event, but has suggested it could be small-scale. A small update is now live in the game, which you must download before the event starts.

Once you enter, check the tower map in the directory for a blue banner above, which will allow you to start a specific time journey. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. We will have more details as soon as we try.

If you are having trouble getting fate now, you are not alone. While many players try to log in to see the live event, Destiny 2 servers have trouble creating a lot of connection errors.

Looks like something is going on with Traveler. The giant robot seems to be flashing parts of God; Some players have speculated that we will see the traveler heal himself during the event, and that is what is happening here.

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The story of the arrival season saw many Destiny 2 slots in the game being removed from the game indefinitely by “Vault”. Titan, Io, Mercury, Mars and Leviathan are all being removed in Beyond Light, and those locations have seen the story beats for that season as an illustration of that event, in which you tried to help get ready to expel those planets. The live event seems to be a story that precedes the introduction of Beyond Light in that story and its major changes in Destiny 2.

It is also worth mentioning Destiny 2 servers go offline Monday night at 7 PM PT / 10 PM ET For maintenance beyond the light. They are expected to go live with the new expansion Tuesday noon PT / 3 PM ET.

தற்பொழுது விளையாடி கொண்டிருக்கிறேன்: விதி 2 சுழற்சி உள்ளடக்கம், காஸ்மோட்ரோம் மற்றும் கண்ணாடி திரும்பும் வால்ட் – விதி 2 வெளிச்சத்திற்கு அப்பால் வெளிப்படுத்தும் நீரோடை

கேம்ஸ்பாட் சில்லறை சலுகைகளிலிருந்து கமிஷனைப் பெறலாம்.

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