A strong solar storm hit the Earth on December 10, 2020

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The sun shone on the sun on December 7th. Plasma and radiation were thrown towards Earth – they are expected to hit the atmosphere on December 9th. The main threat is satellites, and airlines will have to modify aircraft. There may also be northern lights in Germany.

Plasma emitted during sunlight on Monday is currently moving towards Earth and will hit Earth’s atmosphere on Wednesday evening. The first impact of the Earth’s magnetic field then triggers a storm on the Earth’s magnetic field type G1 (small storm). On Thursday, December 10, 2020, if the magnetic field fluctuations continue, there may even be a G3 storm (strong storm) American Space Meteorological Agency NOAA.

It is relatively certain that a geomagnetic storm will occur, but experts have not yet accepted the exact strength.

Solar storms pose the greatest risk to satellites because radiation and particle currents can damage sensitivity systems. This can often be avoided if operators turn off hazardous components after a solar storm warning. The radiation associated with the storm can interfere with the communication of aircraft flying near the pole.

Take a look at photos of Northern Lights in Germany

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