A year after the parasite, the Korean film became a Hollywood sensation

A year after the parasite, the Korean film became a Hollywood sensation

One year after the South Korean satire “Parasite” stormed Hollywood, another Korean-speaking film “Minari” has caused a stir this season.

But the two topics could not be any different than this.

“Parasite”, which made history in 2020 as the first foreign language film to win an Oscar for Best Picture, is a dark satire on South Korea’s classes and contemporary society.

“Minari” is a soft and old American story about a family of immigrants trying to improve themselves by setting up a farm in Arkansas in the 1980s, coming to theaters in the United States and coming to South Korea in March. “Parasite”, which was conceived, produced and filmed in the United States.

“They speak Korean, it involves a family and some Korean culture, but I think this film talks a lot about what America is. Lee Isaac Chung said.

Deep personal story, the film is based on Sung’s own life growing up in Arkansas, but no satire and no mention of racism.

Instead, the film received numerous award nominations, including the Golden Globe Awards, and was widely accepted for its global humanity. Oscar nominations have not yet been announced.

Steven Yoon, a Korean-American actor who plays his father, said he was horrified to accept the role.

“It was scary to try to understand not only my father’s generation as a caricature, but also his humanity. It opened my eyes to ways in which I could misunderstand my own father and that generation,” Yoon said.

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