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Standing by the Queensway next to Kent Ridge Park, Normanton Park is located. A massive plot of lush greenery and foliage is Normanton Park, which surrounds the whole property. There are various leisure facilities, including a pool, tennis court, dining room, fitness center, and mini-mart. The Ayer Rajah Expressway provides access to Normanton park (AYE). It takes only 5 – 10 minutes to reach the Central Business District. There are also IKEA Furniture Mall, Anchor Point Mall, Queens town Shopping Centre. 


Is Normanton Park Floor Plan Available?


There are 1.863 homes, 19 layered houses, and eight commercial units were built at the site by the former Normanton Park. Our future luxury residential development in One Normanton Park in District 5 is Normanton Park residences in Normanton. A Normanton park floor plan exclusively offered one-bedroom to 5-bedroom residential catering to different customers’ needs. Normanton purchasers should expect a large construction condominium with all amenities and units with spectacular views of the city and sea.


What will be the cost?


A Normanton park price, in addition to pricing of $830.1 million, the rent is to be augmented for 99 years by an extra $231.1 million. The marketing agent for Normanton Park, a differential premium of $282.4 million for the renovation of a 660,999 sq ft site with a plot ratio of 2:1, also has to be paid to an end-plot acquisition announced in October 2017. The land rate of the Normanton Park is therefore calculated at $969 PSF PPP, based on the gross floor area of 1.39 million sq ft. The land price is about $923 PSF per figure with the addition of a 10% bonus balcony and the planned plot ratio of 2:31. 


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For the non-sale license, the developer may be hit by ABSD’s claw back at a pace of 15 percent (the prevailing rate at that moment) since the developers have to build and sell all of their home units within the five years to comply with their ABSD remission undertaking. After the ABSD claw back, there is also a 5% interest rate to be made on an ABSD basis, from the date of 15 days after the en-bloc sales and buying agreement to the date of payment by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).


How to view it, Show flat?


Please book an appointment via the official website or contact us on +65 61009851 before heading for One Normanton park show flat. Due to monthly maintenance work or developer private events, our show flat may be closed some days. Therefore, all tourists are advised to arrange an online appointment before heading to the Normanton Park Showroom to avoid predictable disappointments or inconveniences. Please be sure that you still enjoy our direct developer price with no fee to be charged by us for all registered online appointments with us. Please be assured that within one hour of your work our sales personnel will contact you. Once registered with us, an email will then be sent to you.


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