Add Free Netflix to Chromecast with Google TV Coupon for Canada

Add Free Netflix to Chromecast with Google TV Coupon for Canada

Within 24 hours Start at night And already seen Last minute leak. The latest version is available on the Canadian Google Store, and this evening, Chromecast, with Google TV buyers in your country, briefly unveiled how you can get free Netflix for six months.

Reddit user spotted Chromecast not announced on Google TV in Canada Google Store Special offer Page. The upcoming streaming dongle and voice remote are displayed in white. It’s $69 CAD compared to $49 in the US. For comparison, the Chromecast Ultra costs $69 in the US and $90 in Canada.

But what’s more interesting is how both new and existing subscribers get the “6 months Netflix” they deserve. According to the fine print before it was removed, this is for a “standard” plan that allows 1080p streaming on two screens at a time, which costs $12.99 by the state. According to the terms and conditions, which can be viewed in full, below, purchases made before December 31, 2021 are eligible for 6 months of free service.

This is essentially an important offer to pay for the new Chromecast. The included remote has a dedicated button (along with YouTube) to start popular streaming services.

Google has since removed the Chromecast, which contains a Google TV special offer to promote Netflix. This was probably the initial publicity of the Google Store, but it could also be the initial marketing copy that has changed since then. This deal is only available on devices purchased through the Google Store, which is a phenomenal incentive to buy directly.

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Another unknown is whether other countries will receive the same six-month offer. Those who were able to catch the new Chromecast early in the US haven’t received any literature or communication mentioning this deal. Of course they were all bought from third-party retailers.

Eligible Chromecasts that purchased Google TV from the Google Store between September 30, 2020 and December 31, 2021, include a six-month Netflix standard streaming plan, two-screen plan (total present value of $83.94). Offer applies only to SKUs such as GA02764-CA, GA02765-CA, GA02766-CA while stock is depleted. Limited to 3 per customer/google account. If you return your device within the acceptable return period and have already redeemed a Netflix coupon, you will get a refund of $69.99 (Chromecast device fee). If the device is returned within the acceptable return period and the Netflix benefit has not been redeemed, the full amount charged will be refunded. To redeem a Netflix coupon, customers must set up an eligible Chromecast on their Google TV device and follow the instructions to apply the coupon value to their Netflix account by March 1, 2022. Available to new and existing Netflix subscribers. It cannot be exchanged for cash or refunded and is not exchangeable. Offer values ​​may apply to other Netflix streaming plans under the same account. Exchanges in this way may change the offer period. The Netflix plan is subject to change and the offer value period may be prorated accordingly. A Netflix compatible device (manufactured and sold separately) and a broadband internet connection are required for instant viewing. see For more information on using Netflix coupons, visit Provided in accordance with applicable law and void where prohibited.

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