AFA accreditation finally gives the green light to the launch of the SpaceX SN9

AFA accreditation finally gives the green light to the launch of the SpaceX SN9

The launch was thought to have taken place on January 25, but with an order Some (Abbreviation in English) forced to cancel long-awaited flight.

US Federal Aviation Administration (AFA) SN8 Test Flight (Serial No. 8), Which developed an aircraft up to 12.5 km and then exploded in a vertical landing, which did not follow the established plan, which is why it crashed the new test.

FAA approval for the flight scheduled for today. Photo: FAA / DR

Through this delay and the continued work of the prototype assembly committees, our prototype became known – SN10 – It left the hangars last week and was installed on the launch site created for this purpose.

And if the prototypes (SN9 e10) Have already presented themselves to many fans heading to this border town of Mexico, and the next SN is already in the assembly stage.

Photo Editing: RTP / SpaceX @ facebook / DR

A well-oiled assembly line that allows these machines to be built. With two boot sites, The SpaceX Tests are likely to multiply before the first submarine test at an altitude of 200km later this year.

Follow Live Livestream from LivePad, Live, from the test site SpaceX, In Boca Chica, Texas.

Super Heavy Enters the prototype race
When SN tests run smoothly, primary support Super Heavy, Which will act as a lever to place Starship In orbit, it is already under construction.

The first prototype will initially only work with two engines Raptor , But in the long run, and as a series of tests, the gigantic structure of more than 70 meters in height, with a total of 28 units, will have more engines of this type. Raptor. Or enough, wait SpaceX, To provide the ability to lift the starship from the force of gravity of the earth.

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Plane SN9

The flight test takes place after five standard tests on January 21 and 22 for verification and testing of the three engines. Raptor, Installed at the base of the rocket.

This new prototype also complements the set of ceramic panels that will be part of the future of the thermal shield used by Starship. The group of hexagons that is the new prototype SN10 Already presents and in large numbers. Also, as the pictures indicate, the system for installing them is easy to apply.

Credit: Boca Sickle –

Various trials and especially lastly, Elon Muskin believes the company has solved the pressure issues that led to the bad landing SN8 Looking forward to the next release.

An output with a window of opportunity between 14h00 UTC and 23h59 UTC.

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