After flying for 21 months, the Boeing 737 Max made an emergency landing. What happened?

After flying for 21 months, the Boeing 737 Max made an emergency landing.  What happened?

The incident happened on December 22, shortly after Marana’s departure in Arizona, according to Air Canada. The pilots “received the engine signal and made the decision to shut down an engine according to standard operating procedures for the situation.” And deviated from the path to a safe and emergency landing.

“The device was returned to Duson [também no Arizona], Which is still in the normal landed position, Air Canada added, noting the nature of the problem with the non-commercial “fitting aircraft”.

The crew got a hint Low hydraulic pressure of the left engine So announced Hurry Bread bread – Emergency information due to engine failure – Before diverting the aircraft, step Guardian.

“Modern aircraft are designed to operate with one engine, and our team is trained in these operations.”, The company explains in a statement.

The Canadian government announced in mid-December that it had confirmed changes to the design of the Boeing 737 MAX. He has been banned from flying for 21 months after two crashes that killed 346 people.

The aircraft, purchased by Canadian airlines Air Canada, WestJet and Sunwing, has not yet been approved for return to commercial flights in Canada.

Now the company and Boeing planes will be re-evaluated. However, experts say that these mechanical failures are common and often go unnoticed.

Two disasters in four months

After two serious accidents with Boeing 737 Max aircraft, many countries have suspended commercial flights with these aircraft in 2019. But in November of this year, the United States approved the return of these aircraft. At the software, computer and machine level – many changes are required on devices before they can be added to the service -, according to the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA).

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But is there a problem with a plane like this? According to experts, the planes did not crash, they were “shot down”. And the two crashes with Boeing planes are no different.

Within four months, Two model planes were “shot down” by the security forces in October 2018 and March 2019, killing 189 people in Indonesian waters and 157 in Ethiopia, respectively.

A few days after the second plane crash, all 387 aircraft operating in 59 countries were banned from flying, making it the longest stop in aviation history.

In the first crash with the Lion Air 737 Max, As the pilots lost control of the aircraft a Software The so-called megas – which prevents the computer device from increasing the angle or raising it further – eventually catches it in the air and causes it to malfunction.

That led to the operator believing it had symptoms, according to Reuters Software May cause problems again, but the plane stopped running. It took a second crash four months after the Boeing 737 Max was suspended from all flights for the same reason.

The suspension is long, and until now, only Brazil and the United States have authorized the resumption of flights with these aircraft. Last week, the Brazilian company resumed service on a commercial flight that ran smoothly between Cole Sோo Paulo and Porto Alegre.

Boeing is the largest U.S. industrial exporter, employing about 130,000 people and employing thousands of suppliers. The 737, which has been flying since 1968, is the flagship product and best for short and medium distance travel.

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The Boeing 737 Max is actually the best-selling aircraft ever.

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