After politics, Moses seeks to re-establish his relationship with the SC economy Upiyara Pochi

After politics, Moses seeks to re-establish his relationship with the SC economy  Upiyara Pochi

Governor Carlos Moises is rebuilding bridges and expanding the dialogue to create what is called the new government moment not only with politics, but especially with the legislature. Last week, Fisk received a panel of secretaries of state to resubmit the Travassia project, an ambitious industrial development plan led by companies forming the Confederation of Business Council (approval).

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The goals and action plan are based on the idea of ​​transforming Santa Catarina into a world-specific development for sustainable development over a decade. To that end, it calculates the aggregation of companies that represent the state’s GDP, but in partnership with the state government. Part of Travis is to form an integrated strategic council headed by the governor of the state, with Feiskin as president and vice president. In the organization of the council, there are secretaries of state, representatives of the Confederation, members of the public power and business, and academic persons.

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The proposal had already been put forward last year, but the turmoil of the epidemic and the political crisis meant that the topic did not progress. Now, in the new moment of the Moses government, there is a climate. In addition to Travsia, the governor was scheduled to attend a Fisk meeting with secretaries discussing plans for transport infrastructure and education.

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He did not go because of a conference call with Health Minister Eduardo Pasuello about the vaccine. But the government was strongly represented, drawing the attention of the executive center to the fee: Paulo Eli (Fasenta), Luciano Puligan (PSL, Sustainable Economic Development), Alder Silva (progressives, agriculture and fisheries), Diego Vieira (infrastructure), Juliano Ciode (Deputy Chief of Staff), Daniel Vieira (International Affairs), Daniel Neto (IMA) and Sergio Laguna (BGE).

Closer to Travis, Paulo Eli said the proposal for businesses should act as the government’s primary plan. According to him, a similar study would take at least two years to elaborate on, and it would be important to obtain funding for the construction of reserve projects of this type. All government representatives followed a tone of appreciation and encouraged cooperation between the public and private. More than kind words and promises, Moses and Fisk have everything to seal an alliance, just like the bench votes in parliament.

Secretaries in GDP

Secretaries of GDP Luciano Pulicone and Palo Eli

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The meeting of Moses’ secretaries at Fisk had something new and definite. The innovation was the presence of Luciano Puligan (PSL), the new Secretary for Sustainable Economic Development. He had a good relationship with the company when he was mayor of Chappell. Palo Eli, the finance secretary, was able to be the communication channel between Fisk and the government, even at the most critical moments of the epidemic and the political crisis of the indictment. Among them, in the photo, is Acting Attorney General Sergio Laguna.

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