After the skyscraper: Without daring limit, you should see these pictures

After the skyscraper: Without daring limit, you should see these pictures

Within the action and adventure genres, many works are unique and different, or dictate trends for products of the same style. When you look deeply into this style of cinema, you can see the popular disaster films.

One of the latest releases of this genre is Skyscraper: Limit Without Courage, Twain Johnson, The Rock. As these works are in decline these days, the actor of Fast and Furious tried to resurrect them and make this feature more today.

Keeping in mind the popular genre, we’ve made a list of the best features on Netflix like Skyscraper: Bold Without Limits. If you liked the feature with The Rock, you would definitely like to see these other pictures:

Classic 1998 film starring Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Best Actor. This work told the story of an asteroid colliding with Earth. Therefore, a group of miners must blast the rock before it can enter the planet’s surface. The action was also known for the Aerosmith band’s famous song “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”.

The film is marked by a mix of action scenes and comedy. However, one of the most memorable is to fly the cow and reach the session of the classic The Shining. Although not as reminiscent today, it is one of the most notable of these subtypes.

Released in the same year as the aforementioned, the film is still considered one of the most notable within the disaster and alien theme. Will Smith is the best protagonist of the story showing the bizarre struggle against the aliens. The most memorable scene, no doubt, was lightning in the middle of New York.

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Returning to the most classic level, one cannot forget one of the most recognized monsters in the history of the Seventh Art. In feature, the animal is transported to the United States, where it is offered as a major attraction. However, he runs loosely around the city, destroying everything he sees ahead and taking over his glorious scene over Empire State.

Most famous of all here, not only because it is one of the biggest box offices in cinema history, but also because it has an absurd amount of unique moments. The feature of James Cameron is that the Titanic told the glorious sinking story, which is of great interest to mankind as there is no information about what actually happened.

The film calls for a more dramatic and less fun page. Directed by JA Payona, who directed the sequel to The First Jurassic World, the film has a very tense situation and its story is based on the real events of the 2004 tsunami that hit the coast of Thailand. The film features a little Tom Holland, Marvel’s Spider-Man.

In any text that suggests catastrophic images, it will be. Not only for its cinematic quality, but also for dictating a trend within a sub-genre from the year it was released, i.e. 1974. In addition, it was an explosion at the box office, and critics of the time for having too many cast duos: Steve McQueen and Paul Newman.

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