After the video conference, Zoom wants to capture new markets

Zoom videoconferência COVID-19 email calendário

One of the most developed companies during imprisonment was Zoom. Its video conferencing service is one of the options of everyone who is forced to stay at home and keep in touch with their colleagues or other people.

Of course, as competition grows, its programs show potential with some advantages, including having other integrated services and already ready to use. To minimize this shortcoming, Zoom can produce an innovation that will update its position in the market.

Zoom developed during COVID-19 imprisonment

One of the biggest benefits of Zum at the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic was the readiness to use its solution. At an important moment, he was able to present a proposal for the work, even with proven evidence. The free feature also ended up impressive.

Of course, the competition acted quickly and improved its programs so that they could be used in the same way. These were an obvious benefit to many, and they were already in other email and calendar components that the site provided. Thus, they gained prominence.

Zoom in COVID-19 Video Conference Email Calendar

New email and calendar services

There seems to be improvements in the service to remove this difference and put the zoom back in a prominent position. The Existing information Soon it realizes that this will not be a video conferencing site. This will meet what users need in these situations.

We are talking about the offer of email and calendar service so that they are a unique service and with all the necessary features. Of course, these will work in an integrated way and allow users to communicate in an open way.

Zoom in COVID-19 Video Conference Email Calendar

More than video conferencing

This will naturally be a complex task and it must be done perfectly. The winning competition is based on sites like Gmail or and will be milestones on the Internet when it comes to these services.

Zoom This information is not confirmed and will not be viewed or tested right now. However, it is logical that this move by the company has become a milestone in how to overcome the isolation that COVID-19 has forced us to adopt.

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