After turning off the lights at the stadium, Conceino said: “We are not champions yet

After turning off the lights at the stadium, Conceino said: “We are not champions yet

The FC Porto coach praised the team’s reaction and D.C. Afonso teased after Henriques turned off the stadium lights.

This Tuesday, in the 11th round of the FC Porto League, Vitoria de Guimares won in a frantic match (3-2). The Dragons were down twice, but scored three points. Sergio Consiano praised the team’s “reaction” and explained the alternatives of Pepe and Romario Barre.

“I’m here to fix something that did not go right. We realized on stage that Ottavio could not play a key player in the team’s maneuvering. That’s why Romario came in. He came out of the yellow. Pepe was injured. We reacted, I did not want to. Above all the players who entered, they gave me something for the team I needed, “he said.

When asked about Jaitley, who had a less successful performance this Tuesday, the coach considered the same “normal”. “Did Jade leave because of Lent? I do not know if he weighs, I do not know if he’s holding on to his lap. All he has to do is not be conditioned by the player in front of him. Well, but it’s understandable. It just happens,” he said.

While Consino was still talking flash, when she looked back in 2020, D.C. The lights of the Afonso Henriques Stadium went out. At the Estadio da Loose, the coach had the opportunity to recall the celebrations of the 2011 title and play with the episode.

“In terms of the game, I’ve already signed up like we won this year. They’re turning off the light … but there’s still some time as champions, I don’t know if they’ll run the water. I hope everyone has good inputs and 2021 is the year of hope,” he concluded.

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