After WhatsApp Ultimatum moved to another site?

After WhatsApp Ultimatum moved to another site?

A week ago, users were surprised by a novelty to say the least. New Terms of Use specify that WhatsApp will share user data with Facebook. Who will not accept, and then will not use the messages.

In this sense, in this week’s question, we want to know if you switched to another site after the WhatsApp final alert. If so, tell me what.

Second News, WhatsApp will delete the user's account if the user does not accept data sharing with Facebook. These changes are part of the app's new Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and have taken everyone by surprise. WhatsApp is over though Dam This result.

But many users were dissatisfied with this approach. As a result, they reconsidered their use Share Consider exchanging this for another messaging application.

So, here we have given in Pplware Some suggestions Of applications that can change Zuckerberg's application.

After WhatsApp Ultimatum moved to another site?

There are many sites that have the ability to convert WhatsApp to mobile devices.

Some are well known and popular, for example தந்தி, Signal, He belongs to the same company as Hangouts, Skype, Discord and Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp.

But still some are in the waiting shadow selected by the users. This is the position of the wire, the session and the element.

Therefore, every user should analyze whether WhatsApp is really the only chat application they have missed. Or, conversely, this site can be easily modified by someone else.

Step: Signal and Telegram installations rise to the account of WhatsApp rules

Let us know this way if you go to another site after WhatsApp final alert. Also, if you move, say what.

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