Age of water, an adventure in the water

Age of water, an adventure in the water

Remember Water World with Kevin Costner? This is a picture of an apocalyptic future taking place and in which the land was completely invaded by water.

Gaiz’s Entertainment’s studios are developing their next title, Age of Water, a game with a story similar to Water World.

Cyprus-based studios of Gaizin Entertainment (War Thunder and Crossout) have revealed that their next online game Age of Water will soon enter its alpha stage.

It is an online game whose story has some points with the 1995 movie Waterworld starring Kevin Costner.

Water-rich world

The age action of water takes place in the distant future when the surface of the earth has turned into mere water. The seas occupy everything, and the existence of dry land is nowhere to be known.

People who survived the aquatic disaster live in cities built above sea level. Thanks to the ingenuity of the survivors, it is even possible to create real skyscrapers in the middle of the ocean.

The game takes place in this completely aquatic environment. The player is the captain of a ship that travels from village to village and uses his adventures.

As far as is known, there will be plenty of pirates who will try to steal the player's loot. When there was solid ground, the loot found in the various diving missions the player had to undertake in the old cities.

Whether alone or as friends, there will be an open sea for exploration of resources and precious treasures that soldiers can sell in various villages. With the money collected, they can upgrade their boats and build new ones with new equipment and weapons.

The legend of the mainland

Like Kevin Costner's film, Age of Water contains myths about the existence of solid land. But does… really exist?

Well, finding it is the player’s choice, but only if the game is released, seldom in the next year.

The colorful and glowing world of Age of Water, along with the extraordinary environment, takes place in the game and is added with a great deal of exploration, which will attract many players who enjoy exploring new worlds.“, Yuri Miroshnikov, Age of Water.

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